Perfect Fathers Day Gift Idea From Barbecues Galore

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  With the warm weather finally upon us, I am sure that many of you are flocking to your patios to BBQ as often as possible.  Personally, I love to spend as much time as I can on my deck and I like to try to BBQ at least two or three times a week during the grilling season.  I often joke that I would BBQ year round, provided I could find a way to pull the grill inside safely!

  The folks from Barbecues Galore were kind enough to send me a summer BBQ essentials kit to help kick my grilling season off in a positive direction.  After reviewing the kit, I could not help but notice that this would make an amazing father's day gift for any dad that loves to cook!  The kit has all of the main ingredients for a successful BBQ, including:

  • a wok topper
  • a silicon basting brush
  • a stainless steel grill pot
  • a newfie silicon grill mitt
  • Gopher Guts Barbecue Sauce
  • Doctor McGrillemup’s Barbecue Tonic
  • The Clapper – tongs

Being a novice on the grill...I will take all of the help I can get!  I love the fact that Barbecues Galore specializes in BBQ's and accessories and focuses directly on the outdoor cooking enthusiast.  In fact, they have come up with some unique breakfast ( yes...Breakfast!) barbecue recipes, which I have attached below!

For more information on Barbecues Galore, check them out here....
Twitter: @barbecuesgalore

Happy Grilling! 

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