Kyron's First Time Skating!

8:29 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Kyron had a blast this past weekend at his first attempt at Skating!  His Grandma had purchased some 'Bob-Skates' for him so he could join us at a Christmas skating party at the Olympic Oval.  We were not sure if he would be interested in trying this, but he surprised us all with his enthusiasm.

 In typical Kyron fashion, after only a few minutes of trying to skate, he decided that he did not want anyone to hold him while he tried to glide on the ice!  He even got tired of holding on to the skate trainer thing and wanted to try it on his own.  This did not work out so well, but I give him kudos for his independent streak, even at 23 months old.

 While Becky and I do not have any aspirations for him to be the next great skater, I think its important for him to try new things.  And as long as he likes it and has fun, it is something that we can continue to do as a family.

 Here is a quick video of Kyron skating!

 He seemed to love it and I hope to get him out more this winter.  I wonder what the average age to start skating is?

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    I see Hockey player in the future! - Sherry

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