My Second Birthday Party, Circa 1979 ( Via Grandpa's Old Vintage Super 8 Tapes!)

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   I love finding old treasures!  About ten ago while looking through my old photo albums, I noticed a picture of my Grandfather holding an old Super 8 camera at my second birthday party.  When I asked him if he had the old films, I was surprised when he dug them out of storage and gave them to me.  I could never figure out how to use the projector and after numerous failed attempts, I ended up breaking the darn machine.  Since I had no way of playing these old film reels, I put them into storage myself where they have sat since 2001. 

 My Grandfather passed away in 2007 and I am so thankful that he gave me these films.  Passing through Costco in July, I noticed that they had a sale on "Film to DVD" conversions.  Since I have no video footage of myself as a child, I jumped at the chance to actually see what was on these old film canister's.  I was so happy to be able to watch my second birthday party on DVD! 

 Here is a clip.... ( Even in 1979, I had good hair!)

It really is surreal to see yourself so young, but its even stranger to see your parents in their 20's.  I found myself getting quite emotional watching this for the first time and it really is priceless to me.  ( I felt like Clark Griswold in the attic on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)

 Parents today are lucky to have access to easy HD Video technology to take videos of their family.  Seeing this video really makes me glad that Becky and I take as much video of Kyron as possible.  My only regret is that my Grandpa was not in this film. 

 I miss him like crazy and I am so thankful that he took the time to record this and share it with me. 

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  1. Jane Morgan said...

    That is so cool Shane. One day Kyron will watch this and say; "Wow dad, you were born before sound."... ;)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Working Mommy said...

    What a priceless piece of your history!! For Christmas a few years back, my dad put all of our old home movies onto DVDs for me as a gift. I watch them on my computer every once in a while for fun. So great to be able to have those things!


  3. dad blog said...

    thats rad! I don't even know what a super 8 tape is.. is that showing my age? :-)

    - tork

  4. Chris @ CleverFather said...

    I don't think there are any videos of my childhood which sucks!

    Oh, and my parents used to have the same couch.... barf!

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