Kyron Loves His Great Grandma!

6:30 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Becky, Kyron and I had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver Island to visit Becky's Great Grandma last month and it was a blast.  Even though I only live one province over, this was the first time I was able to visit the Victoria area.  It is simply one of the most amazing places I have ever been to and with its temperate climate ( some call it the California of Canada....) I can see why so many people choose to retire there.

  Kyron has met his Great Grandma once before, as I outlined in the post here.  He really took to her and affectionately calls her "G.G."( Gee...Gee...) which is too cute.  He loved being able to explore a new house and I am pleased to confirm that none of GG's antiques where broken during the visit! 

Here are a few cute pics...

This is classic goofball Kyron...climbing on chairs!

So cute! 

I had a great time on the Island and cannot wait to visit again.....I already miss GG's amazing porridge every morning!

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