Kyron the Couch Climber!

8:29 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  When Kyron walked at 10 months old, we knew that he was going to be one very active little boy.  Now he thinks it is totally funny to climb on the couch, chair and ottoman and give us an hourly heart attack!  He is so fast at climbing it is actually quite scary.

 Check out his latest circus trick....

 he has fallen a few times, but this has not even proven to be the slightest deterrent to him!


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  1. Calgary Shake said...

    Just a matter of time until you realize that they grew up so fast and you barely noticed. He will probably be your first child to climb mt everest soon eh?

  2. Chelle said...

    Alexander walked at 10 months too, and never stopped movin'! Better strap on your running shoes!!

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