Creepy Sesame Street Video! Big Bird Meets Snuffaluffagus

8:56 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I just had to share this funny ( creepy) video that I came across.  This vintage Sesame Street video shows how Big Bird and Snuffaluffagus first met back in the 1970's.  Take a look at this video, especially when they flash back to the original meeting and try not to laugh.

 I am not sure what the costume designers where thinking when they designed Snuffy, but he looks like a serious crack head!  Even Big Bird looks like he got some "feather plugs" in the 1980's  to fill in his bald spots.  Creeeeepy!

I can imagine that many kids in the 70's would have been scared stiff by this creepy version of Snuffy!


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