Kyron and I In the Calgary Metro!

8:47 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for a story in the Calgary Metro this week and I thought I would share the link with everyone.

 The story focus on how parent blogs are becoming a "virtual baby book" and I agree with this perspective.  Anyone that reads this blog knows that I try to be as light hearted and share funny posts and try to stay away from parenting advice.  ( Like anyone would want my advice

Here is a link to the story...

Note:  The accidentally listed Kyron as being 2 years old...he is only 13 months! I can't believe how much he looks like Becky in this picture!

Any thoughts on your take on the blogs being an extension of the traditional baby book?

Happy Friday! 


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  1. The Mommyologist said...

    Awesome! You have gotten so much press lately!

  2. Working Mommy said...

    Look how BIG he is getting!!!

    Missed you Shane...hope all is well :)


  3. Rob said...

    That is cool you were in Calgary Metro. I agree with the baby book thing. Our kids aren't babies but it is a place to log our thoughts and stuff on our kids. Our 15 yr old reads our blog daily and it keeps friends and family up to date on what in going on in our life. Your boy is getting sooooo big!!!!

  4. Melinda said...

    very cool!!! he's still absolutely adorable

  5. Cookie's Mom said...

    I wish I were the type of mom that likes/remembers/has the mad skills required to put together scrap books. I do my best, but as the years go by they become sparser and sparser. What I DO like to do is write, like you, lighthearted looks at my days as parent to my beautiful boy. So, yes, I think in this way it becomes, not just an extension of, but in many ways a replacement to the traditional baby book.

    This generation of kids will know more about themselves, their parents and their personal history than any generation before. It's exciting... and scary at the same time... and they'll probably all need therapy!

    I'm a new follower. Great blog!

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