Kyron Dancing To Elmo and Jamie Foxx!

8:00 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Some of you may have picked up from previous posts that our eleven month old son Kyron loves to dance.  Ever since he was 3 months old, we have found that he loves music and often loves to dance along to his favorite songs!  During the Christmas season Kyron discovered a new favorite song, song by Elmo and Jamie Foxx ( in Elmo's Christmas Countdown) about the Nutcracker. 

Check out Kyron and his sweet dance moves...

I think he loves R&B!

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  1. 3LittleMonkeys said... cute! Love the bopping to the music!

  2. Melrose said...


  3. Otter Thomas said...

    He's just living the dream. Rocking out and eating with his hands. Cute.

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