Baby Kyron's First Halloween!

4:12 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I know this is a little late, but I thought I would share some pics from Kyron's first Halloween!  Kyron dressed up as an Elephant and seemed to love the costume.  He didn't fuss in it or seem to want to pull it off all day.

 We dressed him up on Sunday and headed to Market Mall, as they had a Halloween event in the afternoon.  I cant wait for next Halloween as he will be able to strut along by himself and get his daddy some good candy!

Here are a few pics....

Happy Halloween! 

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  1. Mom vs. the boys said...

    super cute!!! yes, candy is a great perk!

  2. Otter Thomas said...

    It's not too late. I just posted pics today too. That is seriously one of the cutest trick or treaters I have seen. Great costume.

  3. Miss Kitty said...

    SO cute!!! :)

  4. Loukia said...

    So adorable!

  5. Teena in Toronto said...

    Too cute!

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