Kyron's First Calgary Flames Hockey Game!

7:30 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Anyone that knows me will confirm that I am a big Calgary Flames fan!  I have had season tickets for the past six or seven years, but I find it hard to find time to make all of the games.  In fact, Becky has my other "seat" and she has not been to a game in over a year and a half, as I usually give the tickets I cannot use away or take Becky's brother to the games.

 After seeing how well baby Kyron did at his first baseball game in San Francisco last month, we decided to see how he would do at a Calgary Flames home game!  We had the chance to take him to a pre-season game this week against our provincial rivals, the Edmonton Oilers!  Once again, Kyron proved that he is a social butterfly and that he loves being around people, as he was an angel the entire game! 

Here are some pics....

I had to break down and get him his own Jersey and hat! ( The hat say's "born to be a Flames Fan!")

Here is a short video also....

I did not get to got to a Calgary Flames game until I was 17, so Kyron is off to a great start as a potential long term Flames fan!  At the very least, Becky and I will be able to go to some more games together, with Kyron on our laps cheering! 

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  1. A Daddy Blog said...

    Super cute photos and video. I'm sure you've got a life long fan in the making there. Have a great weekend!

  2. WhisperingWriter said...

    What precious pictures!

  3. SamiJoe said...

    OMG- he did NOT go to the Edmonton/Calgary game did he??

    Lucky lucky boy!

    ps--if you ever can't go and would like to sell me your tickets, let me know.

  4. Small Footprints said...

    Ahhh ... you and your wife must be doing a whole lot of "right" ... that is one happy-looking little guy! :)

  5. Otter Thomas said...

    Oh you Canadians and your hockey. Sharing sports with your kid is great and that jersey is awesome!

  6. Susan Hunt said...

    Kyron is too cute for words.

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