Kyron's First Baseball Game!

9:21 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  While we were in San Francisco earlier this month, we were fortunate enough to be able to attend a San Francisco Giants baseball game!  Kyron is a real "people person" and he thrives on talking to strangers, so you can imagine his reaction when we first sat down at the ballpark....

He had a blast at the game and loved making friends with everyone around him!  He even had time to flirt with the girl in front of us.....

We were so close the the field, that I tried unsuccessfully to get him a ball from the outfield! 

But he did get a certificate from the SF Giants confirming that this was Kyron's First Baseball Game!  He even got to meet the Giants mascot, Lou Seal!

Even though it was a little chilly ( and I am Canadian, so you know it was cold!) we had a great time.  I cant wait to take him to his first NHL game this season!


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  1. Mom vs. the boys said...

    I love that expression on his face in the first picture! what a great memory!

  2. 3LittleMonkeys said... cute! Looks like he was taking it all in!

  3. The Mommyologist said...

    He is too cute! San Fran is so much fun!!

  4. Jen said...

    I really hope that when we take B to his first game he loves it!

    BTW - I have given you an award on my blog.

  5. Otter Thomas said...

    That is great. Our son made his first game this summer too. I love the first picture. I think my eyes get that wide every time I return to a big league ball park.

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