Kyron Says Cookie! His Third Word Caught On Tape!

8:46 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 With the convenience of camcorders today, I think its amazing when you can get an unexpected shot that makes you laugh.  Becky had the good fortune of catching 9 month old Kyron saying his third word ( Mama and Dada came first....) which was "Cookie". 

As you can see, Becky was pretty excited about catching this!  The look on Kyron's face is priceless,  its like he realizes he did something cool, then just goes back to smiling and wanting his darn cookie!

 I wonder what his next word will be?


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  1. Mom vs. the boys said...

    so funny that cookie was his first real word, after mama and dada of course.
    we have to catch our guy using some words, we have late talkers around here!

  2. Anonymous said...

    so cute, next word will be nana!!!

  3. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Awww...that is just way too cute! That's a big word for a little boy!

  4. DARLA KIDDER said...


  5. Otter Thomas said...

    Great video. He is so cute. Cookie is a great word to learn. Everyone likes cookies. I love how excited Mom got too.

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