Fun Halloween Hair Tips For Kids!

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s got best Halloween hair of all?

Kids Halloween Hair Tips from the Experts at Beaners

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would share some of these cool kids hairstyle tips!  I think some of these ideas are awesome and I hope that they can help.

Have an outfit that needs topping off with a cool “do,” or in need of some funky hair tips to perfect your Halloween look? Search no further, the style experts at Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids offer the following tips and advice!

Mohawk Madness – want to add a little height to your little man’s hair this year? Dampen the hair (not to much!) put gel or paste in it and mold the hair to your desired shape. A quick blow-dry and some spray colour on the top will make your man’s hair “stand out” this year!

Don’t “mess” with this Witch – need to create a shocking hair do for your little witch? Start at the nape of the neck; take chunks of hair and back comb. With a pick, smooth out the top and spray some white streaks in it with washable hair spray - perfectly wicked!

Vampire Hair – need to take a bite out of the costume competition this year? Wet the hair and put half amount pomade and half amount gel slick into it. Slick back with a fine toothcomb, spray all black and let dry! For an extra scary effect, spray white above the ears and knock em’ dead!

Beautiful Ballerina – add a little pirouette to your ballerina’s hair this season! Pull the hair into a high ponytail and hairspray smooth. Split the hair in the ponytail into two pieces twist one piece from top to bottom and wrap around ponytail and hold in place with bobby pins do the same with the other piece and wrap around the opposite way – et voila! a graceful ballerina bun!

Zombie Hair – scare ‘em stiff by grabbing pieces of hair and back combing while spraying hairspray. Sprinkle in some baby powder for a cool web dusty effect!

Want to add a little something special to your hair this Halloween to take your hair from Dull to Dramatic? Follow these add on tips to take it over the top. Drop by any Beaners location and ask a stylist to add one in for you or try it yourself at home!

Bead Braid – want to add a little more bling to your braid? Take small sections of hair and a handful of beads. Add the beads to the hair while the braid is being done (simply feed the bead through the hair to the desired location in the braid!)

Colour Contrast – need your hair to match your outfit? Grab your desired ribbon colour and braid it into your hair starting at the top.

Streak-tastic! – Another way to add colour to your hair is by grabbing a small section of dry hair and spray with colour spray, use multiple colours to get awesome locks. A little tip: we suggest styling the hair before adding colour spray.

About Beaners Fun Cuts

Beaners is a Canadian owned specialty hair salon for children, which opened its' doors in 1987, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There are 14 locations across the country in four provinces. For more information or to find a location visit

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