Minute Maid Canada's $1,000 Daily Giveaway And Breakfast Club Sponsorship!

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In honour of Minute Maid's 60th anniversary, they are having a pretty cool contest promotion that I wanted to share with everyone!  Not that a $1000 daily prize is not important, but I am more impressed by the fact that they will donate sixty cents to Breakfast Clubs of Canada every time someone plays the free game!

Celebrating its 60th year as a key part of Canadians’ breakfast, Minute Maid® wants to bring back the classic birthday – showcasing that ‘keeping it simple’ can be rewarding for both kids and parents. Whether it’s making a one-of-a-kind birthday cake or inspiring older kids to give back with a donation to a local charity, the options are endless. Celebrating 60 years young, Minute Maid® has also planned a special donation to Breakfast Clubs of Canada. But, first they need your help.

Minute Maid® is kicking off its 60 day birthday celebration by giving Canadians from coast to
coast a chance to win* a daily cash prize of $1,000 or a grand prize of $25,000.

The best part?

Each time someone logs onto www.minutemaid.ca and plays a fun birthday game for a chance to win*, Minute Maid® will make a donation to Breakfast Clubs of Canada (up to $60,000**) to help fund breakfast programs in schools across the country. And the benefits are large. A healthy breakfast that includes one serving of orange juice provides 100 per cent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and two complete fruit servings as outlined in Canada’s Food Guide. And by providing a balanced meal, these programs have renewed children’s interest and attention in school, improved social skills and reduced bullying. Teachers also report at least 30 minutes more effective instruction time per day when breakfast programs have become a part of their schools. 

Head on over to http://www.minutemaid.ca/ and enter!  If you do not win at least you will have helped to make a donation!


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