Kyron's First Time Playing Catch!

9:38 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  We had the greatest laugh while on holiday's last week when we discovered that our 8 month old son discovered that he likes to play "catch"!  He loves to throw the ball back and forth, which is sure to make his baseball fanatic Uncles Cory and Blake happy!

 Here is a video of his first time throwing...I think he is a natural!

I smile every time I see this!


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  1. SamiJoe said...

    Awww cute!

    Man, he's getting big!

  2. Kristin said...

    Look at him! He's a natural for sure!

  3. Mom vs. the boys said...

    that's super cute! he's good at it too!

  4. DARLA KIDDER said...

    Enjoy your beautiful son being small because they grow so fast , cherish each moment , and he is going to be a lady-killer when he's older! what a handsome boy .

  5. Shandal said...

    How cute! You got a little baseball player! :)
    Sorry it's been awhile since I've been by... summer got in the way of blogging. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things now! :)

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