Kyron's Calgary Hail Storm Adventure

7:00 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 The weather in Calgary during the summer is so unpredictible that you really have to plan for every scenario.  This summer saw Calgary get hit with more than its fair share of hail storms, some of which were very intense.  It is not unusual to have a beatiful summer afternoon interrupted by a fifteen minutes of nasty pea/golf ball sized hail, usually without notice.

 One hail storm in July is turning out to be the biggest insurance disaster in Calgary's history.  The golf ball sized hail that hit the city that afternoon has caused more than $400 Million in property damage.  Yikes.

Here is a video of Kyron checking out the hail as it piles up on the deck in mid-August.  The house was getting pelted just before I took the video and he was unsure as to what was happening.  He kept looking around the ceiling trying to figure it all out.  ( It looks like snow, but its really pea sized hail balls!)


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  1. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    That is pretty cute...Kyron I mean, not the hail! Yes, we sure did get pounded with hail this summer. My poor trees have been ripped to shreds. And...I'm not enjoying this cool fall either. Weird Calgary weather, AGAIN!

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