Kyron Loves His Baby Num Num Cookies!

7:00 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  We gave Kyron his first baby cookie last month ( rice cookie...not Chocolate Chip!) and he loves them.  Becky got a video of him trying it for the first time and he loves them!  He must get his love of cookie snacks from his old dad, as I am a cookie fiend! 


This video was taken  a few weeks ago and things have changed since the first try.  He now devours these cracker things in less than 60 seconds. Even faster when he tries to share them with our dogs!

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  1. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    So cute! those were a big hit in our house too! you sound like my hubby....both cookie monsters! I rarely bake cookies anymore because they are gone within a day!

  2. Rob said...

    That is cute. Who doesn't love cookies even if they are rice and not Chocolate chip. LOL.

  3. ModernMom said...

    Adorable! I used to love to give those to my girls.

  4. Otter Thomas said...

    Great video. Before you know it he will be a full fledge cookie monster.

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