Retro TV Friday: Harriets Magic Hats!

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In my old age, I find that I am getting fonder of the cartoons and TV shows that I liked to watch as a kid! As usual on my Retro TV Friday posts, I try to share some love with the obscure shows from the 1980's. Fitting nicely into the obscure title is "Harriet's Magic Hats"!
 Harriet's Magic Hats was a TV series created by ACCESS TV,  ( Alberta's version of PBS!)  which aired on Alberta's ACCESS TV and TVOntario from 1980 - 1986. The premise was an aunt named Harriet who had a trunk full of magic hats in her attic. Her young niece was transported to a place related to the hat she chose from the trunk. For example, if she wore a chef's hat from the trunk, the girl was transported to a kitchen with professional chefs, where she would learn about the profession. The show was 15 minutes long, and gave children a diverse view of the working world.  Just what every 8 year old Albertan needs! 
 The show was actually quite interesting when I was a kid because there was usually nothing else on at 3pm.  Seriously, I liked how she was magically transported ( with low budget Canadian TV Special effects) to a job site or store.  I never understood why Aunt Harriet had all those hats in the attic or where they came from?  Also, I don't think I ever remember seeing Aunt Harriet much in the show, but thankfully her talking ( Puppet) Parrot Ralph was always there to babysit!
 Once in the mid 1980's they actually filmed the show on street as these two red headed Irish twins ( how original for child actors....) that lived on my block were guest starring in one of the episodes.  It was neat to see the camera crew filming it.  I am surprised the director did not pluck me from the crowd and whisk me and my baby blues away to LA for screen tests, but I guess he didn't have a real eye for talent? is a clip.  Warning: The theme song is still stuck in my head from 1985, so be careful!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Loukia said...

    I totally think the shows we got to watch when we were children were so much cooler than the shows children get to watch today!

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