Guest Post: Nutritionist Kari Carvey On Keeping Your Kids Hydrated!

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  In a first, I am excited to have a guest poster today!  Kari Carvey is a Calgary based nutritionist and mother and she has kindly provided some tips on keeping our families hydrated all year round! 

Timely Summer Tips for Parents

  As a parent living in Calgary, we can be faced with unpredictable weather that can limit the time we have to spend with our children outdoors in the summer. When the warm weather does hit, parents, while being mindful of their children’s need, also need to ensure that their own bodies are properly hydrated and fueled for sunny summer days.
  If you are anything like me, finding time to do anything for myself is near impossible. Which is why it is important to try and find opportunities throughout the day to replenish your fluids to avoid headaches and fatigue which can be caused by dehydration. One way I like to remind myself to keep hydrated is to use my child’s schedule as a guide. I like to follow these five simple scheduling tips to keep my family hydrated, healthy and focused throughout the day and summer.

  • Wakey, Wakey: While sleeping, we lose fluids as our body works hard to metabolize much needed vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Personally I like glacéau vitaminwater as a convenient and tasty way to hydrate immediately after waking for the day. People with sensitive stomachs don’t like a glass of juice first thing in the morning, the fruit sugars are too strong and hurt their stomach. vitaminwater essential provides a boost of vitamin c, tastes great and gives me the hydration needed to start the day right.

  • Play time: When enjoying time at the park with our kids, parents can use the opportunity to break a sweat by playing tag or pushing the swings. It’s important, especially in the heat, to drink fluids while exercising. The nutrients and carbohydrates lost through sweating and vigorous breathing should be replaced throughout the day to avoid energy drain and headaches.

  • Pick up time: When the bell rings and it’s time to pick the kids up from school, camp or daycare, hydrate and grab an apple or an orange to help increase blood flow to the brain and ensure that you are ready to spend quality time with your family.

  • Snack time: While the kids enjoy popsicles at the end of a summer’s day, most parents are tempted by a fruity cocktail or a cold beer. Try your best to avoid it. Alcohol is a diuretic which will cause fatigue and headaches, as well as deplete your energy level. Hydrate with a healthier option that will keep you going through to baths, bedtime stories and midnight diaper changes.

  • Bed time: When I finally get my little one to sleep I start planning the next day’s to-do list. Ensure that properly hydrating is one of the must haves of your day, we lose approximately ten cups in a day and that increases with warmer weather. This means drinking one to two litres of water or alternatives, eating food with high water content and packing your cooler with cool drinks for the next day’s fun.
Kari Carvey
Calgary Parent, Nutritionist and Educator

Kari graduated from SAIT in Calgary, AB with a diploma in Food and Nutrition Management Technology. She specializes in nutritional analysis, label legalities, recipe modification, food and nutrition lectures, writings and reviews.

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