Calgary Stampede 2010 Kickoff....The Legend Continues!

8:07 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Yahoo!  Its July in Calgary, which can only mean one thing.....

Its Stampede Time!

In a previous post, I compared described the Calgary Stampede as "Mardi Gras Meets Las Vegas"... and I still think that this description is 100% accurate!  It is not called the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth for nothing!    For ten days every July, ( Since 1912....!) Calgarians shed their suits and ties and dust off their cowboy boots and hats and let loose!  It really has taken on a life of its own and encompasses the whole city!  It is quite a sight to see everyone in a city of over 1,000,000 people dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls and partying! 

Here are some of the clever and funny advertisements that the Calgary Stampede is using this year...

And some cool Print media...

And My Personal Favorite Stampede Ads of all time ( from last year!)

I attended my first Stampede Function on Thursday, a day before Stampede has even started!  It should be a fun ( yet unproductive) 10 days!

Check out the official Calgary Stampede Website at..


  1. SamiJoe said...


    Get our flapjack on' come Monday!

  2. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Nice! The adds are great!

    Don't eat too many pancakes and get too hungover!

  3. Tricia said...

    Love the last two ads. Those are great. glad you had a great time

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