Sing the Band-Aid Brand Jingle and Raise Some Money For Kids!

7:40 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Back for its second year, the makers of BAND-AID® Brand will be touring the country with its popular mobile recording studio and are inviting Canadians to sing the famous BAND-AID® Brand jingle for a great cause.

  This summer, join the BAND-AID® Brand Jingle Ambassadors to sing the iconic BAND-AID® Brand jingle and help raise money for Safe Kids Canada. For each person who visits the BAND-AID® Brand high-tech mobile recording studio and records the famous BAND-AID® Brand jingle, $1.00 (up to a guaranteed maximum of $8,000) will be donated to Safe Kids Canada, a charity committed to inspire a culture of safety across the country in order to reduce preventable injuries among children, youth and their families.

There are many chances to get-in on the fun including:

August 23 – 24: Calgary Zoo

August 6 – 7: Eau Claire Market

August 12 – 15: Taste of Calgary

  • Sing the catchy BAND-AID® Brand jingle and support Safe Kids Canada
  • Discover why Canadians are stuck on BAND-AID® Brand
  • Learn about proper wound care and how to effectively treat minor cuts and scrapes
For a listing of all of the locations across Canada, check the link here!

You can also check out for more information on the tour or to take a peek at some of this year’s jingle videos!  You can also perform your rendition of the jingle for the chance to win $10,000 in travel! Recordings will be posted on and the entry with the most number of votes will win.

 This really is a fun way to raise some money for charity!


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Wordless Wednesday: Kyron The Baby Lifeguard

9:16 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Too bad Baywatch was on 20 years before he was born.... He might have given "The Hoff" a run for his money!

This was taken on Monday, when Becky set up his new pool on the deck! 

Happy Wednesday!


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Potty Training Video For Kids! Elmo Style...

9:10 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I came across this video on Youtube today and when I watched it, I laughed so hard that I actually cried.  Take a look at Elmo's daddy and his creepy Muppet "Porn" Stash.....oh my!

 The song is so catchy that even Elmo finds himself swaying on the toilet to the funky beat! 

I was totally expecting the final shot to be of a red ball of poo or something along those lines.  Enjoy!

Thankfully, Kyron is only six months old and we do not have to start this process.  I guess I will keep this video in the archives for later!


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Wordless Wednesday: Baby Kyron's First Swing Ride!

8:54 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 Happy Wednesday!


 PS.... Be Sure to enter my Melrose Kids Head Snuggler Giveaway! Ends July 25, 2010. Enter here...  

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Guest Post: Nutritionist Kari Carvey On Keeping Your Kids Hydrated!

1:58 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  In a first, I am excited to have a guest poster today!  Kari Carvey is a Calgary based nutritionist and mother and she has kindly provided some tips on keeping our families hydrated all year round! 

Timely Summer Tips for Parents

  As a parent living in Calgary, we can be faced with unpredictable weather that can limit the time we have to spend with our children outdoors in the summer. When the warm weather does hit, parents, while being mindful of their children’s need, also need to ensure that their own bodies are properly hydrated and fueled for sunny summer days.
  If you are anything like me, finding time to do anything for myself is near impossible. Which is why it is important to try and find opportunities throughout the day to replenish your fluids to avoid headaches and fatigue which can be caused by dehydration. One way I like to remind myself to keep hydrated is to use my child’s schedule as a guide. I like to follow these five simple scheduling tips to keep my family hydrated, healthy and focused throughout the day and summer.

  • Wakey, Wakey: While sleeping, we lose fluids as our body works hard to metabolize much needed vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Personally I like glacéau vitaminwater as a convenient and tasty way to hydrate immediately after waking for the day. People with sensitive stomachs don’t like a glass of juice first thing in the morning, the fruit sugars are too strong and hurt their stomach. vitaminwater essential provides a boost of vitamin c, tastes great and gives me the hydration needed to start the day right.

  • Play time: When enjoying time at the park with our kids, parents can use the opportunity to break a sweat by playing tag or pushing the swings. It’s important, especially in the heat, to drink fluids while exercising. The nutrients and carbohydrates lost through sweating and vigorous breathing should be replaced throughout the day to avoid energy drain and headaches.

  • Pick up time: When the bell rings and it’s time to pick the kids up from school, camp or daycare, hydrate and grab an apple or an orange to help increase blood flow to the brain and ensure that you are ready to spend quality time with your family.

  • Snack time: While the kids enjoy popsicles at the end of a summer’s day, most parents are tempted by a fruity cocktail or a cold beer. Try your best to avoid it. Alcohol is a diuretic which will cause fatigue and headaches, as well as deplete your energy level. Hydrate with a healthier option that will keep you going through to baths, bedtime stories and midnight diaper changes.

  • Bed time: When I finally get my little one to sleep I start planning the next day’s to-do list. Ensure that properly hydrating is one of the must haves of your day, we lose approximately ten cups in a day and that increases with warmer weather. This means drinking one to two litres of water or alternatives, eating food with high water content and packing your cooler with cool drinks for the next day’s fun.
Kari Carvey
Calgary Parent, Nutritionist and Educator

Kari graduated from SAIT in Calgary, AB with a diploma in Food and Nutrition Management Technology. She specializes in nutritional analysis, label legalities, recipe modification, food and nutrition lectures, writings and reviews.

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Wordless Wednesday: Kyron The Calgary Stampede Cowboy!

8:01 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Its Stampede Time in Calgary, so I thought I would share some shots of Kyron the Cowboy!

Giddy Up!

And here he is.... holding on for '8'!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

PS.... Be Sure to enter my Melrose Kids Head Snuggler Giveaway! Ends July 25, 2010.  Enter here...

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Travelling with Kids? Check out the Baby Head Snuggler Review and Giveaway!

1:22 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Sometimes I come across a new product that is so practical you wish you had thought of it yourself!  As a dad to a six month old baby, I often cringe when I see Kyron's head flopping when he falls asleep in the car seat. Seriously, how uncomfortable must that be.  I often find myself reaching in the back seat and trying (without luck) to to reposition his head back into an upright position.  

 Thankfully a Calgary mom ( my hometown again!) has come to the rescue of families about to hit the road with a product that safely solves the all-to-familiar case of bobbing heads and kinked necks for sleeping little ones. The Head Snuggler fits over the back of the child’s car seat or head rest and holds their head in a safe, comfortable position while they snooze.

“If you have children, you know the problem with sleeping children in the car seat and that’s exactly why I designed the Head Snuggler,” said Melanie Risdon-Betcher, founder of Melrose Kids Inc. and developer of the Head Snuggler. “When I couldn’t find a product that would help my child’s head stay put when they fell asleep in the car I made it my mission to create one!”

  The Head Snuggler™ can be used with most infant, toddler and booster car seats (if a booster seat doesn't have a back it can be used with a vehicle's head rests).  In fact, even kids who’ve grown out of their car seat can use the Head Snuggler™ with the headrests as well. Retailing for $19.99 the Head Snuggler™ is positioned around the back of the car seat and pulled down, resting snuggly across their forehead and eyes if they’d like added shade.

We tried this cool product out and while I originally thought the "look" of the head snuggler was so odd, I quickly got over it when I realized how good it actually works!  Now that we have tried this product, Becky and I are not so worried about travelling long distances in the car with Kyron.

Here is Kyron with his head bobbing wildly!

And here is a shot with the Head Snuggler in place...

The Head Snuggler is available on the Melrose Kids website here  and I think any parent would benefit from this product! 

Want To Win One?

The good people at Melrose Kids have generously given me a Head Snuggler to one of my readers!  To enter, simply head over to the blog and leave a comment below naming one of the stars in the pictures!

Bonus Entries:

1. Follow with Google Friend Connect

2. Follow Me on Twitter http://www.twitter/calgarydaddy and Re-Tweet this contest. You can Tweet once/day! ( @calgarydaddy)
Feel free to use this tweet...

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3. Follow Me on Facebook! ( Link on my sidebar)
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5. Become a fan of  Melrose Kids on Facebook ( Link here) and leave a comment on their wall that I sent you!

Be sure to leave a comment confirming each of your entries so we can find you if you win!

Contest closes Sunday July 25, 2010 at 11pm Mountain Time. I will pick the winner at random using Open to Canada and USA !

Good Luck! 

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Calgary Stampede 2010 Kickoff....The Legend Continues!

8:07 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Yahoo!  Its July in Calgary, which can only mean one thing.....

Its Stampede Time!

In a previous post, I compared described the Calgary Stampede as "Mardi Gras Meets Las Vegas"... and I still think that this description is 100% accurate!  It is not called the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth for nothing!    For ten days every July, ( Since 1912....!) Calgarians shed their suits and ties and dust off their cowboy boots and hats and let loose!  It really has taken on a life of its own and encompasses the whole city!  It is quite a sight to see everyone in a city of over 1,000,000 people dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls and partying! 

Here are some of the clever and funny advertisements that the Calgary Stampede is using this year...

And some cool Print media...

And My Personal Favorite Stampede Ads of all time ( from last year!)

I attended my first Stampede Function on Thursday, a day before Stampede has even started!  It should be a fun ( yet unproductive) 10 days!

Check out the official Calgary Stampede Website at..

Wordless Wednesday! Kyron In The Bath

10:11 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Happy Wednesday!


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Summer Fun! Monday Mingle Vlog- July 5, 2010

9:41 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

It's Monday Mingle Time Again! 

This weeks questions are about summer! 

Summertime fun:
1. When is the last time you went to a beach? Where?

2. What are your plans for this summer?

3. What are your favorite summer recipes (you know, those that don’t require the oven!)

Be sure to check out the other vlogs also at EightyMPHMom's site! Better yet, post one of your own!

Happy Monday....


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Happy Canada Day! I Am Canadian....

9:19 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 Happy Canada Day everyone!  To all of my American readers, I have attached a classic Molson Canadian beer commercial from a few years ago that took the country by storm.  It pretty much addresses every Canadian stereotype that people have of us in a fun, mocking way!  Canadians are typically a humble, quietly proud people, so the "in your face" approach this commercial takes is such a contradiction, which is why it was such a great ad!

I always tease people by saying we are so similar to the Amercians that the only difference is that we have No Guns, Free Healthcare and we are better looking! ( J/k.... )

The ending of the video where Joe says.... "thank you" pretty much sums up Canadians.  Even when we rant, we are still polite to a fault!

Happy Canada Day!


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