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I love having the opportunity to share cool products with my readers!  I often get asked to spread the word about certain products that would be a great fit for many parents that read my blog, so I was really excited when I had the opportunity to do a review for Bugalug's Cinch Belts!  While Kyron is only 5 months old, we have a ton of friends that have children who would love this cool product.  Thinking that they would be a perfect fit, I asked our good friend Sherry to try this product with her 3 year old daughter, Elisha.

Its a Cinch!

Toddler’s tiny middles make it hard to find exactly the right size pants that stay up just right. Bugalug’s new innovative cinch belts put the stop on the slip and slide pant waist. The cinch belts were designed with both parent and child in mind. The belts have elastic built into them, which helps to keep pants up while still keeping the pants comfortable and flexible. The elastic also allows the little one the ability to pull their pants on and off without having to struggle with a traditional belt. All belts are reversible and sport Bugalug’s exclusive unique designs! 

Sherry confirmed that this belt is so practical and easy to use and that her daughter Elisha LOVES this look of this belt!! Even at three years old, she is a bit of a fashionista! 

About Bugalug

Sundi Hoffman, an entrepreneurial mother of two from Calgary, AB ( My Hometown!!)  has made it her mission to create accessories for little girls and boys that are not only adorable, but 100 per cent Canadian (all products are hand-made by Canadian stay-at-home moms). Since the creation of her very first product, Bugalug Barrettes (which won her the coveted title of SavvyMom’s Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Prairies in 2008), Hoffman’s Bugalug has been targeted as one of Canada’s up and coming companies chosen to provide her products to the likes of Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Courtney Cox and Angelina Jolie - to name a few! 

  Bugalug products can be found in more than 375 stores across Canada and four other countries – a number that continues to grow each month. The company is also branching out into the United States and Taiwan and is looking at Japan, Australia, and South Africa. For more information and to purchase products, visit http://www.bugalugbaby.com/.

Thanks to Sherry and Elisha for helping me with this review and post!


( Note: I received a sample Bugalug Cinchbelt at no cost to do a review on.  I was not compensated for my review and the thoughts on this post are mine and those of the people who tried the product!)

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