Wordless Wednesday! Kyron's Cool Hat!

10:30 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

I wish I had a matching hat like this! 

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Carrie said...

    He is SO cute!! Happy Wordless Wednesday :) I have a WW linky on my blog, I hope you pop over and add yours

  2. SamiJoe said...

    He just keeps getting cuter!!

  3. Jodi Dragonetti said...

    too cute

  4. A. Smith said...

    I wish I had a hat like that too (except I wouldn't look nearly as cute as Kyron :)

  5. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Super stylin' and so cute!

    Now if only I thought this snow was cute!

  6. Frosted Fingers said...

    Love it! Kyron is so cute! Wish I could squeeze him :)

  7. Lady V dZine said...

    Oh, I just want to kiss him, he's so cute! Dropping by from MomDot for WW, albeit late.
    Virginia from Lady V dZine

  8. Rob said...

    I love the hat. He looks pretty cool.

    Happy Belated WW!

  9. Eileen said...

    ADORABLE! He looks like he has a SWEEEEeeet personality AND good looks! Keep the pics coming! Love it!

  10. Mom vs. the boys said...

    I love this! he's so cute

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