Retro TV Friday! The Raccoons

9:59 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 After a few week hiatus, I am back with a new Retro TV Friday Post!  This week, I dive back into some old retro Canadiana with the classic cartoon.....  The Raccoons! 

 The Raccoons ran on the air from 1985 - 1992 and I loved this show when I was young.  This show used to be a Sunday night staple in my house and I could not wait to watch it.

The series features the adventures in the Evergreen Forest, "quiet, peaceful, serene", (which is depicted to be in Western Canada) of Bert Raccoon and his friends Ralph and Melissa, particularly in their attempts to thwart the industrialist actions of pink aardvark Cyril Sneer and his trio of pig henchmen. Another interesting character was the capitalist Mr. Knox—a crocodile with a New Orleans accent. Cyril's son Cedric is Bert's best friend.

Usually, the series would feature the main characters learning major life lessons in teamwork, friendship, cooperation, and sometimes just helping out their fellow friends that live near the forest, human and animal alike, tangling with the tyrannical tycoon Cyril Sneer, who does not let anything as trivial as nature's defining highlights (trees, lakes, etc) prevent him attempting to obtain a profit.  ( Source: Wikipedia)

 I used to love the adventures and the cool hockey jerseys that the raccoons wore!  I was also a huge fan of Cyril Sneer ( Think Donald Trump) and his cigar ravaged voice!  This poor man was always thwarted in his many attempt to ruin the forest for profit.   In fact, I still imitate old Cyril from time to time.

 This show is still rockin on Teletoon Retro in Canada and I think it is one of the old 1980's classics for sure!

Any memories?


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  1. SamiJoe said...

    My kids and i watch the Raccoons occassionally on the Retro station. I never realized how much they said 'shut up' in this cartoon--oh well, still a fave! LOL

    Btw, just noticing your button for today--i love the Calgary Daddy inside the tv! Awesome!

  2. BoxerBlake said...

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 80s-90s without a doubt....

  3. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    I totally remember this one! It was a staple in my house too. HAHA, Cyril Sneer. Brings back memories.

  4. Cheryl said...

    the smurfs are on retro and I love it....also flinstones.....makes me feel young again!

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