Baby's First Car Trip!

8:38 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Kyron's First Road Trip!  Too bad it was not on better circumstances.... 

After a long battle with Cancer, my Uncle Tommy passed away last week.  Becky, Kyron and I headed up to Edmonton for the funeral last weekend, which went well. I was amazed at how many lives my Uncle Tommy had touched and he will be missed, but never forgotten.

 It was also the first time that my extended family got to meet Kyron!  I had planned a few different trips to visit after he was born, but the trip getting delayed.  I guess there really is nothing like a funeral to bring a family together!  Kyron was a big hit and I was able to get some wonderful pictures and videos of him with his Nana, Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Edmonton is only 3 hours north of Calgary, so of course we drove.  This was Kyron's first lengthy car trip, so we were not sure how this would go?  We were pleasantly surprised at how well baby Kyron did!  He slept the entire way up there and almost the whole way back.  We had to stop half way to feed him on the way home and he did get a little fussy about 20 minutes outside of Calgary.  He also slept all through the night in the hotel ( playpen) which was great! 

  We are planning a trip to San Francisco in September, so this was a good first indication of what we can expect in a few months. Based on this experience, I think he will be an excellent traveller!

Any good/bad experiences with baby's and car trips?


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  1. Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

    I am sorry for your family's loss.

    When my oldest son was 1 year old (last May), we drove 8-9 hours away b/c my husband was in a wedding. We would have left him with his grandparents for the weekend, but his birthday was actually the day before the wedding, and we would have missed being with him on his birthday. I couldn't do that!

    It was a nightmare. We left early morning (like 2 or 3am) to be there by around noon on Saturday. We thought he would sleep in the car. Nope.

    (My son also had an issue where he would spit up in the car, and then not be able to clear it out of his throat, choking on it. And he used to spit up a LOT. Maybe it was acid reflux. This scared me so much! When they are in the carseat, you can't just sit them up to help them from choking. My second son doesn't have this issue at all, thank God.)

    So on the way home, we are about 15 minutes from being home, LATE Sunday night, and my son refused to fall asleep in the car but he was sooo tired. SO he just freaked out, worked himself up, he threw up ALL OVER himself, the carseat, the car, me, and yes, started choking. It was horrifying.

    I think he must get car sick like me. I think that's why he was miserable the whole trip. Needless to say, I was terrified to take him on car trips for awhile after that!

  2. SamiJoe said...

    for what it's worth, anyone who can make it through the calgary to edmonton drive deserves an award! i hate that drive- and i'm a huge roadtripper!
    glad kyron did well- my kids are not too bad on long drives. you just have to tack on some time to get out and play! sorry about your uncle.

  3. Sweetpz said...

    happy to say my kids do great on road trips , slept the entire way, granted it was a short 2-3hr drive to Seattle =)
    Plane rides, well thats another story!! Haha.
    Glad that Kyron and you both survived the road trip to Edmonton. Sorry to hear about your uncle.


  4. Alexa, Gigi and Mommy said...

    In my experience (two kids later...) how they travel at 4 months is a world of difference from how they travel at 6 or 7 months! SO many changes happen in that time, the least of which is solid food, making digestion and sitting for long periods difficult to say the least...let's not forget teething which can make sleeping nearly impossible. All I can say is, be prepared for any situation! God willing, your son will be an easy traveller, but in my case, not so much! Good luck and happy travels!

  5. Mom vs. the boys said...

    that's great! well, about the good traveling part, not the uncle part- sorry about that.
    My boys have been doing 3 hrs in the car since they were really young because that's how far my parents are. I find the younger they are, the better chance of them being good. they always sleep when they are little. when he is older, just invest in a dvd player!

  6. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Sorry to hear about your Uncle. It's true, funerals or weddings are the only things that seem to bring family together!

    We did a road trip to Kelowna last year. The boys were pretty good, considering they don't nap in the car (go figure). The secret is to keep them fed. We had 2 coolers full of snacks!

  7. The Mommyologist said...

    I am sorry to hear about your uncle!!

    We've been so lucky with our little guy in the car, and with travel in general. I think the secret is taking them out while they are babies. People who wait until their kids are older to travel are the ones who run into issues, I think.

    Glad you've got a good one on your hands!

  8. Julie said...

    Oh my gosh...that was soooo not our first roadtrip experience with our oldest. We drove 8 hours to Calgary....he literally screamed most of the way. It was a nightmare. We seriously waited a year to go anywhere after that! ha ha

    Kyron is such a good boy!

    Sorry about your Uncle Tommy. Cancer sucks. I lost an aunt to it a few years ago. Very difficult!

  9. Chris @ CleverFather said...

    We haven't actually had a bad traveling experience. (yet)

    We live in Red Deer and have made a few trips up to Fort McMurray (born and raised) and Little Miss did very well. We timed our travels to line up with her nap and only need to stop once in Fort Saskatchewan to stretch!

  10. Aly said...

    Condolences to your family at this time, my Auntie has cancer for the 3rd time.We don't drive so a lot of travelling is done on buses and trains.My kids have always loved trains but buses like cars they do not.They have all inherited travel sickness from me which can me a big pain the arse.

  11. Edie Mindell said...

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Anyway, Kyron is fantastic for succeeding in his first trip without too many fusses. Goodluck on your next road trip. I hope all will go well especially with your son. :-)

  12. Sarah Smith said...

    We are taking a car trip with our baby for the first time. I hope my baby sleeps most of the way, just like yours *hopes*

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