Switching back to a Landline Phone! Progress?

8:13 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  You have to love progress!  After almost 10 years without a landline phone ( remember them...?) Becky and I recently broke down and decided to add a home phone!  Nothing like stepping back into the 1950's!

 We have both used our cell phones exclusively since we lived together saw no real need to have a home phone.  We were both at work all day and our cell phones were free at night, so when would we ever need to use a landline?  With Becky at home on Maternity leave, it finally seemed to make sense to add a home phone. 

 The last time I had a landline, the cost was around $35/mo.  I was shocked to find that once we bundled it with our Cable/Internet service, the phone only cost $10/mo.  Wow.....what a big difference!  Now, Becky can chat all day long to here BFF's and not have to worry about eating her cell phone minutes during the daytime! 

 Once we decided to add the phone service, naturally we had to go out and buy a new phone.  I was amazed that the cordless phones were so advanced now and that they actually run on a digital signal, which will prevent your neighbors from "listening in" on your call. ( Accidentally of course!)  I remember those old walkie talkie monster sized cordless phones from the early 1990's.....the ones that picked up every neighborhood call that was made within a two block radius!  It was so annoying to have your call interrupted by the static of someone else's nonsense conversation. I am sure nosy people loved this technological flaw back then though! 

 The worst part of getting the new landline is the constant calls from Telemarketers!  We had the phone set up for about 2 hours before the calls starting coming in!  I did not even know the new phone number but somehow we were getting calls!  I figure that the calls are made on a computer dialer and just dial every number combination over and over.  I just love it when they call during dinner!



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  1. blueviolet said...

    I haven't given up my landline yet but I love having it. Not for the sales calls, lol. But, I do love the clear lines, no echo, and reliability.

  2. Amy said...

    You should try adding your number to the do not call list (https://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca/index-eng) I'm not sure how well it works but it should stop some of the annoying calls (hopefully)

  3. Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

    Yep, we have thought about getting rid of our landline, but! Elijah so adores hanging up on telemarketers...why ruin the fun?

  4. My Heart said...

    We just got rid of our landline a couple months ago.

  5. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    It's amazing how cheap phone service is these days. Add your name to the "no call" list...it won't comletely stop the telemarketers since the ones from the U.S. don't have to abide by that list, but it really makes a difference for the Canadian telemarketers!

  6. Jennifer Leigh said...

    I keep wanting to get a landline again! I hate when I'm home with the boys and I lose my cell and can't find it. We lost power over the winter for 4 days and couldn't charge my cell so I was completely in the dark. You make me want to get one again.

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