Retro TV Friday! Mr. Dressup!

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Happy Friday Everyone!   I thought that I would do another Retro Friday TV Post and I will try to do one every week.  If you missed my first one, the link is here

 Mr.Dressup was another Canadian classic that I loved as a kid.  Mr.Dressup ( Ernie Coombs) was a wonderful entertainer and this show ran from 1967- 1996.  Mr. Dressup would lead children through a series of songs, stories, arts, crafts and imagination games, with the help of his friends Casey and Finnegan, a child and a dog who lived in a tree house in the back yard.  ( Finnegan the dog never spoke to my knowledge, lol.)

Here is a quick video of this genius show!  

 The best part of the show was when he pulled out the Tickle Trunk, where he would pull out a costume to dress up in.  Every show was different and he often dressed up as a Postman, Police Officer, Fireman etc.  What kid did not like playing pretend and dressing up as a cool character?  Seeing an adult do it was just genius!

 I had the chance to see Mr.Dressup swing through Calgary when I was attending Mount Royal College as a guest speaker.  It was really strange to see someone that you idolized when you were 5 years old in person.  Mr. Dressup really was the oldest kid in the world and I am glad to see this show is coming back on DVD.  Unfortunately, Mr. Coombs died in 2001 but his work will be remembered by generations of Canadians. 

 Did anyone else watch this when they were young?  


PS>>  Feel free to grab my Retro Friday button ( on my blog) and play along next week with your own TV classics!  Ill set up a Mcklinky next week!  Happy Easter!

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  1. dogsmom said...

    I was still a kid in 1967 but a U.S. kid. I never heard of this show or the person. Guess I missed a lot.

  2. Julie said...

    what a great idea...retro Friday!

    I know my husband has mentioned Mr. Dressup. I guess our version would be Mr. Rogers.

  3. Acting Balanced Mom said...

    I loved Mr. Dress-up - way cooler than Mr. Rogers! I got to meet Ernie Coombs after the show went off the air and he started touring college campuses.. He really sparked imagination and kept you thinking... I used to love his art segments...

  4. Nikosmommy said...

    OF course I totally lurved Mr. Dress-up...watched it everyday before I started grade one. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEED it!!!!!

  5. Farmers Wife said...

    I'm not familiar with this show, being in Aussie afterall, but I know what you mean about the good old shows from way back, they are sooo much better than what is on offer today! Except for Ben 10 of course!

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