Monthly Photo Project- Kyron and His Monkey- Month 3!

8:10 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Our little Mon-ky is 12 weeks old today.  He is getting so big and changing every day, it is simply amazing.  Keeping with our monthly tradition of taking a shot of Kyron with his stuffed monkey, I thought I would share the latest photo! 

Here is 1 month old:  Original Post Here

  Two Months Old:   ( Original Post Here)

And.... Three Months Old! 

As you can see, he is still rocking that "fauxhawk" on his head.  He is getting weighed today and we are taking bets on his weight!  I say he has cracked the 14lbs mark...

Happy Tuesday! 


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  1. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    He rocks that hair like nobody's business!

    So cute, love the comparisons!

  2. mapsgirl said...

    I love that you're doing this... so cute!

    And I know you're calling it a faux-hawk... but I can't help but notice that it's the same as the monkey's hair. LOL!

  3. Shasta said...

    Love the hair!

  4. Amy said...

    I love this idea, I tried to do it with my Avaya and a bear but I keep forgetting to take new pictures of her. Kyron's hair is so cute and he's getting so big, they grow so fast!

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