Wordless Wednesday! Kyron. Fingers. Nose.

7:56 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Typical Boy. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Time to Throw Out Those Vintage Little People Toys! Health Canada Warning

1:09 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Does everyone remember the classic Fisher Price Little People toys?  I used to love playing with these old characters.  I even has a Sesame Street Little People play set that I played for hours.  Last week, I ran across the following news article, warning parents of a potential choking hazard for any Little People Toys that were manufactured before 1991.  ( If you look in the picture below, you will see the toys made after 1991 have a larger base which may prevent a child from choking on it.)

 While this seems silly now, I am amazed that such a simple lack of product engineering could cause such a potential danger.  Did the toy companies not think of these things back in 1982?  It seems really odd to me that they would allow such a simple solution to go uncorrected?  Who was the genius that realized that making the toys bigger would solve this problem? 

 While this was a Health Canada warning, I assume that the same situation applies in the USA. ( Small is small, regardless of the Metric system measurements.)  It really is a wonder that anyone born before 1991 survived.... lol. 

 From the expressions on these two characters, you can assume that they are not pleased with the discard notice and are probably hiding in Grandma's basement as we speak.  If you find them, please discard immediately!


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This New Moon Action Figure Is Just Creepy! Is the D-Cup Barbie Next?

11:07 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Another reason that I am glad that I do not have a daughter! 

  Yesterday, I saw this New Moon action figure at Walmart yesterday I was a little disturbed!  I said to my wife, "what parent would buy a doll of a shirtless teenage boy for their daughter (or son?)...."  Becky thought that maybe it was not targeted at kids, but it clearly is in my opinion.  While I assume that the shirtless design falls in line with some important part of the movie, I think marketing this overt sexual theme to young girls is creepy at best. 

I understand some of you are rolling your eyes and saying "get over it....its just a toy", but think about the pose for a moment. ( And remember, I never had a shirtless Barbie marketed at me when I was 10 years old!)  I do not want to try and justify the morality of this doll but I cannot see myself sending my kid to bed with this kind of doll.  Can you imaging the throngs of 11 year old girls stroking his well muscled chest and pretending to kiss this thing....lol!  It will definitely put the "action" back into action figure! 

  I am getting old and turning into a prude, but this just seems a bit off for my taste! Creeeeeeeepy! 

( Maybe its just a Dad thing?) 


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Wordless Wednesday: Kyron... Then and Now!

9:30 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy


Kyron at 2 Days Old....  Coming home from the hospital! ( 9lbs)


                                   Kyron at 9 weeks old.  (13lbs)

Looks like he is just about to grow out of that one.


Happy Wednesday!


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Here Comes Peter Cottontail Classic DVD Giveaway!

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  Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Many of you that read this site have realized that I am a huge fan of "retro" TV and movies!  Personally, I think that most of the classic TV shows and movies can almost be considered "Comfort TV"!  I love it when I come across an old show that reminds me of my youth and takes me back to a simpler time!  The classic Easter show, Here Comes Peter Cottontail was a favorite of mine when I was a kid!   In fact, I still have most of the songs stuck in my head to this day....

What is it about?

Peter Cottontail wants to be the #1 Chief Easter Bunny and everyone in April Valley agrees…except for his arch-rival, evil Irontail. Hop along with Peter and his friends as they race through time celebrating all of your favorite holidays to deliver the most eggs…and save Easter for children everywhere!

The video is available wherever DVD's are sold ( SRP- $9.93) and on iTunes for $7.99!

With Easter just around the corner, this wonderful show would be perfect to entertain your kids in the run up to the chocolatey goodness that has become Easter morning! The folks at the Morris + King Company for Classic Media have generously sent me a copy of this DVD to review and will give away a copy to to one of my readers!

Want to Win it?

To Win, please leave me a comment telling me who you would like to give this to! 

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Contest closes Sunday March 28, 2010 at 9pm.  I will pick the winner at random using random.org. Open to USA/Canada readers!

Good Luck!


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Dad n' Me Monday!

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Julie over at The Peanut Gallery has a cool Monday link called "Mom 'n' Me Monday", which she confirmed is open to dads as well!  ( Thank you very much!)

 This is one of my favorite shots of Kyron and me!  He looks so small compared to now and I can hardly believe that this was taken two months ago!

Proud Daddy or what?  If you want to join in...head over to Julie's blog at the link here: http://www.peanutgalleryexithere.blogspot.com/

Happy Monday!

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Retro Friday! Old TV Shows I loved as a kid!

9:12 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Today's Special is...... Today's Special!

I may be biased, but I think the greatest children's TV shows originated in the 1980's!  Since I found some wonderful old videos on youtube, I decided that I would do a set of posts over the next few weeks that would share some of my favorite kids shows from yesteryear!

  Today's Special was a staple of almost every Canadian kid in the 1980's.  It is so good that I would buy the DVD box set if they had one available!  I am always searching on the PVR to see if some random channel has brought this back in re-runs, but I am always disappointed!  I'll keep my fingers crossed though...

 Today's Special had a genius theme and a cool mix of Puppet and real life characters. The show is set in a department store after it has closed and everyone has gone home. Jodi, Sam, Muffy and Jeff all star in this show, (know that I think of it....why was Jodi working late every night?)   Once Sam the security guard locks up the store, they place the magic hat on Jeff's the mannequins head and Muffy the mouse say's "Hokus-pokus-alama-kokus!!!!" and Jeff comes to life!  ( Sounds strange, but it is true.)

 I loved the pace of Today's Special and the innocence of each weeks different themes ( eg Today's Special is....Sharing!)

Do you remember this show?  I have such fond memories....* sigh*

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Funniest Baby Picture.....Ever?

8:56 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Looks like Kyron was not interested in sitting in some fake prop stand!  This was taken last month, at 5 weeks old.  We ended up with a great shot, but this one was so funny that I had to get it. 

The facial expression is priceless!  He gets this look from his mom and I call it the Mommy is Cranky  look!  ( aka Becky's "screwface"...) 

What do you think he is saying?


Check out The Mom Jen's Thousand Word Thursday! for some really cool pictures!

Cheaper Than Therapy

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Baby Kyron is a Dance, Dance Dancing Machine! ( Watch Him Get Down...)

1:07 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  You know you are taking a ton of pictures and videos of your newborn when you forgot that you had this awesome video on tape!   We took this one two weeks ago ( Kyron was 7 weeks old) and while we laughed when we took it, I guess our lack of sleep made us forget that we had it on the camera! 

Watch Kyron bust out his best moves!  I love the part at 0.30 when he looks at Becky's arm, pauses...and copies!  I wonder if there is an age limit to enter So You Think You Can Dance Canada?

 I love it!  I was going to put some better music in the background, but decided to leave it in its natural state.  I just love how happy he is at the end when Becky is praising him!  He definitely loves to put on a show!



>> Have you been to my friend Jill's New Blog?  It is really funny and definitely worth the read!  http://dont-you-hate-pants.blogspot.com/

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Monday Mingle, March 15, 2010

10:59 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Monday Mingle Time!  Check out Kyron and I as we join in on the Monday Mingle, hosted by Eighty MPH Mom!

The questions this week were:

1. If you were forced to choose between skydiving, base jumping off a skyscraper, or rock climbing, which would you choose?
2. Are you an aggressive or defensive driver?

3. Due to a sour economy the genie can only grant you ONE wish. What would it be?

 Last time I did this one, I got some friendly ribbing from my American friends for my "accent".   Strangely, I don't think I have an accent! 

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Don't Put It In Your Mouth!

8:58 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Can a children's PSA be cute and creepy at the same time?  This old video definitely fits the bill in my opinion.  This Canadian propaganda video has scared a generation of kids into thinking twice about eating mommy's Valium and other household poisons.   Usually, these government advertisements are out of touch and stuffy, but this one seems to hit the target audience correctly.  Seriously, kids are probably not going to listen to boring old mom and dad, but will always take advice from a set of singing ( and ukulele playing) furry puppets with a catchy jingle. 

 Remember....you could sick....real quick....real ICK!

I bet you sing this all weekend!

Happy Friday! 


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Monthly Photo Project: Kyron and His Monkey- Month Two!

8:34 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

   I cannot believe that Kyron is now two months old!  Thankfully, I am keeping some record on here and my wife is keeping a journal as the past two months have been such an exciting blur! This time has just flown by so quickly and I cannot believe how big that Kyron "Rangu" aka "Mon-Ky" aka "Oompie" is getting.

Last month I did a post sharing that we planned on doing a monthly photo of Kyron with his monkey to compare his growth over the year.  The original post can be found here if you are interested.

Last Months Picture                                             

This months picture! 

Not a big change, but he is about 1.5 pounds heavier!  I think he looks older and more "mature" ( insert British accent) but I am just biased!   I am still loving his hairdo ( no....we do not style it that way, lol.) and I think his little Faux-Hawk thing could be an inspiration to thousands of balding men in North America! 

Happy Wednesday!


** Have you had a chance to enter into my latest giveaway?  The folks at BigShots are giving away a $50 GC to one of our readers.  Check out the Kyron's cool Frog wall decal on my blog and enter on the link here: Kyrons BigShot Frog Contest    

Also, check out Jill's blog for one of the funniest retail story laughs ever! http://dont-you-hate-pants.blogspot.com/2010/03/re-tales.html

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Kyron's One of a Kind BigShots Frog!

5:00 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Every once in a while I come across some pretty cool products that make me say.... "Wow...why didn't I think of that!".  I came across this cool screen printing company on Twitter called BigShots and I was so impressed by the uniqueness of their products that I had to contact them to let them know that I was amazed by what they can do.  I was so grateful when they sent me a one of a kind wall decal for Kyron's room! 

 The decal was pretty easy to apply to the wall and it looks amazing.  I am not handy at all and I was able to put this awesome print up on the wall in about five minutes!  They are printed on a removable matte white vinyl that is 5 millimeters thick. This material sticks to most smooth, painted walls, but is removable, so it comes off when desired.  It is made from a special screen printing process and it looks amazing.  The colour is so bright and it looks as if it will last for years! 

Here is what the wall looked like before: 

And Here is the wall with Kyron's Frog Decal!

Pretty Cool!  I bet he is the only boy in the world with this exact one, lol! 

 I love the other products that Big Shots has also!  The fact that they can make a wall decal from your original picture is just amazing to me!  I cannot wait to get some hockey decals made once Kyron starts playing!

Want one of your own?  

 The good folks at BigShots have also given me a $50 Gift Certificate to give to one of my readers!  To win, simply head over to their website at http://www.gobigshots.com/ and leave a comment telling me what your favorite BigShot decal is and who you would get it for! 

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I will pick a winner at random on Sunday March 14, 2010!  Be sure that you leave your contact email in the comment!



**** Update!  The winner is lucky # 12...Mellissa!  I will email you shortly.  Thanks for entering everyone! **

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I Can Barely Dress Myself! ( Why Every Dad Should Have Owned A Cabbage Patch Kid)

9:04 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

"Honey....why does Kyron's arm never get pulled through his sleeper properly"?  This is Becky's usual question after I attempt to dress baby Kyron.  I will admit, I am getting better at it but sheesh....I can barely dress myself most of the time!

 I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes I  find it hard to dress Kyron.  He has short legs, a long torso, his arm's are constantly flailing around like an Orangutan ( his grandfather has now nicknamed him "Rangu", which is starting to stick.) and a MASSIVE head that is not designed to fit into those small holes the baby clothes manufactures think are the right size.  Try as I may, dressing him is just difficult sometimes.

So I must laugh when Becky asks me these questions.  My first thought was "Hey...I never had Dolly's to play dress up with when I was a kid!"  I am sure that if I had hours and hours to play with Cabbage Patch Kids and Dress Me Up/Teased Hair Barbie ( or whatever was cool in 1985) I would be a natural at dressing Mr. Kyron. Unfortunately,  I spent my time in the 1980's playing with Transformers, GI Joe and WWF Action Figures ( not dolls, thank you very much) which did not come with clothing accessories. 

 After that comment, I kind of think that every dad-to-be should spend some time practicing to dress a baby with his wife's old Cabbage Patch Dolls.  If she does not have them in storage anymore, email me and I can lend you a few from Becky's collection, as these poor dolls are likely aching for some attention after sitting in her parents basement in a playpen for over 20 years!  That way, when baby comes around, Dad's will get the arms and legs in the right holes and keep momma happy!  Or better yet, I think all boys should have a cabbage patch doll for themselves, so that it just becomes second nature to them! 


Happy Weekend!


Have you checked out my friend Jill's blog yet?  It is toooooo funny!


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Wordless Wednesday: Kyron and Daddy Version 2.0

12:52 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

The lazy blogger in me today loves Wordless Wednesday themed posts!

When I look at this I wonder.... 'When Did I Get So Darn Old?"

Happy Wednesday! 


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I love the new Matt Dusk CD!

8:28 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Do you have a favorite recording artist or band that you just love?  Do you hate it when people say..." oh, who's that"?  I know I do, which is why I thought I would share some of my favorite music on here from time to time.

  Personally, one of my favorite singers is Canadian crooner, Matt Dusk.  Following in the Canadian tradition of sharing our talented young singers ( Micheal Buble is another) with the world, I believe that Matt Dusk is on the verge of breaking out internationally.  Matt has had a lot of success but I am at a loss as to why he is not a household name.  I have been a fan of Matt since 2004 when he was on the Mark Burnett reality show, The Casino.  We even used one of his songs (Where Were You When) on our wedding CD!  I have all of his albums and had the chance to see him in concert a few years ago and  he is truly a hidden gem.

 Matt's new album, Good News is simply amazing.  It is a unique mix of Urban, Pop and Jazz, which is hard to explain until you have a listen.  Its rare that I say this, but almost every song on this album could be a radio single.  Its just that good! 

 Here is the new single, Good News...

And some of my favorite other songs from Matt over the years!  Worth the listen!

And a haunting, haunting slow song....Wow!

Well, what do you think?    I would definitely recommend you pick up the album Good News on itunes if you like this.  You will not be disappointed!


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