Kyron Loves Storytime!

8:45 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

We have discovered that Kyron loves story time, which his mommy ( who is a grade 1 teacher) is really proud of.  Becky started reading board books to him before she dresses him in the morning and he has really taken to it!  He thinks it is the funniest thing ever.  ( I think its Mommy's silly voices that really make it fun!)

 Here is the video!  Watch the is just precious!

Happy Friday!


For a real laugh...check out my friend Jill's blog:  I bet we can all relate to nosy pharmacy people and cranky seniors!

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  1. J-bean said...

    Oh my god I want to crawl through the computer screen and give my Ky-guy a zillion kisses. That is one cute baby! (and my opinion of who he looks like still remains but I will keep it to myself) :)

  2. Farmers Wife said...

    It's so wonderful that parents read to their kids, we did when the kids were babies, even the hardcover story books that my kids just used to hold and chew on as we were trying to read to them! They would look at the pictures, chew, look, slobber all over the pages, you get the point!!!

  3. Sarah said...

    Adorable! And good for you for starting reading to him early. I read to my little one. She usually grabs the book and tries to eat it...but well...I make an attempt, at least :)

  4. Karen Hartzell, Graco said...

    So cute! Reading is so important and the voices make it fun. Both my kids love reading books with us. The fact that my one yr old son will actually sit still to "read" a Barney book with me for 10 minutes is just amazing proof of what it does for a child. Enjoy the time. It only gets better!

  5. Loukia said...

    Can't get over his cuteness! You're making me want a third!!!

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