Daddy's Sleepwalking Adventures!

11:34 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

We are all friends here right? Good. Then I see no reason why I should not show all of you that I am not ashamed to tell you some embarrassing stories as they come up. I mean really, what fun will this blog be if I decide not share the good and the bad with everyone.  I really have no humility left after this story, so at the very least I hope everyone has a good laugh at my expense.

I normally do not sleepwalk. I do tend to talk in my sleep, at least I used to do it but Becky says that I do not really do this anymore. ( Apparently I just "snore"...but lets save that for another post!) In the past, I have woken myself up with my sleep talking but not in recent memory.  As a teenager I used to have the odd sleep walk around the house but I must have outgrown this.  So now that you understand that this is a rare thing for me, you can imagine my surpise when I had an awesome old sleepwalk this week!

Here is my sleepwalking adventure....

 Earlier this week I woke up at 4:00am and walked around to Becky's side of the bed and proceeded to wake her up.  Here is the conversation. Please do not judge me. 

Shane: ( In my "all proud of myself" tone of voice) Hi Honey.  I went to McDonald's and got you some breakfast.  Its downstairs if you want it.

Becky:  (Stares at the alarm clock.)  What? What do you mean?

ShaneI got you some McDonald's. For Breakfast.

Becky:  Honey, what are talking about?  ( She is still trying to be nice here....even as she looks at the alarm clock again. Yep. 4:01am.)

Shane:  McDonald's.  Downstairs.  For Breakfast. ( I am wondering why she does not want any?)

Becky:  I'm Confused?  ( She clearly gives up here. The tone is "I give up", but still in a nice voice. Even after being woken up at 4am.)

Shane:  FINE!  FORGET ABOUT IT THEN! ( This is when I stomp out of the room.) I am still at a loss as to why she is not excited about having McDonald's for breakfast.

Becky goes back to sleep.  I march downstairs a little disappointed that she did not like my nice gesture.  As I hit the bottom stair and look into the kitchen, I kind of "wake up".  I soon realize that there is in fact NO McDONALD'S and I look around the kitchen a little confused myself.  Thinking that Becky is about to get up and come downstairs, only to be disappointed by the lack of the phantom McDonald's, I run back up stairs and wake her again and tell her "don't worry hon, go back to sleep... there is no McDonald's".  I walk out of the room with my tail between my legs, listening for Becky's laugh. ( There was no laugh but she probably held it until I left the room again.)

 How Embarrassing.  But like I said....we are all friends here right?

So....anyone else want to share an embarrassing sleep story?



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  1. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    That is pretty funny! I have never sleep walked but apprently I talk in my sleep almost every night, that's what Hubs says anyways!

  2. The Mommyologist said...

    SO funny!! My first thought was that you were both lucky that your baby was actually sleeping at 4am!!

  3. Booklover1212 said...

    New baby in the house? Yep - sleep deprivation at it's best! ;-) I did get a chuckle out of this!

    Right after having our 2nd baby, I finally got the baby to sleep and fell asleep myself. According to my husband, I got up only about 30 min. after falling asleep, came downstairs, made him a complete lunch for work the next morning, went back upstairs, nursed our daughter and went back to sleep. While I don't recall any of this -- he was grateful to have a fully packed lunch for work!

    ~ Jennifer

  4. Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

    Like I'd share mine!!! I do however, like reading yours!

  5. Arizona Mamma said...

    Hilarious. My husband does this all the time!

    We once walked the dogs outside to do their business, all the while having a conversation that I didn't understand, because he was not awake. WTH??? We were outside!!

  6. Courtney said...

    I used to talk and sleepwalk A LOT when I was a kid. I've only woken up doing it twice. I did it once after I got married. I walked down the hall to our guest room to get something off the floor. I woke up when I turned the light on. Hubby didn't even notice I was gone. Now I'm afraid for my kids. Avery (my 3 year old) has started waking up in the night and talking to me, but I know she's still asleep. All of our rooms are on the second floor and I'm scared she'll start sleepwalking and fall down the stairs. I'm getting a night light in the hallway for sure, but I'm deciding if I need a baby gate at the top of the stairs!

  7. Working Mommy said...

    Oh dear goodness!!! I've never had the sleepwalking problem...but I have definitely been known to yell and kick in my sleep...hubs just deals with it though :)


  8. Krista said...

    I have 3 boy ages 7-6 months so I haven't had a really good night's sleep in about 8 years....Sleep deprivation can make you do some wired stuff. I am either asleep or awake, no in betweens. My husband, on the other hand, can do just about anything in his sleep. I can't count the number of times I have found him covered in food that he was "eating" in his sleep.

  9. Shandal said...

    I've never sleep walked before. I've never even personally met anyone that has done it-besides Courtney- I didn't even know that about her though until now! LOL You're story is really funny, but the whole concept is quite scary to me! haha

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