Kyron is One Week Old Already!

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Wow...where did this week go?  Last Monday, my little Mon-Ky, Kyron was born and shook our whole world upside down in a good way!  Becky and I were laughing tonight when we thought that just one week ago, we did not have this little man in out lives. The birth of a baby really is a miracle and makes you think about your priorities in life.  It has only been one week but I cannot even remember what my life was like without him.  It is almost like being reborn.

  I have been wanting to blog every day, but I have been zzzzzzz.....just to darn zzzzzz.... tired.  I have had so many things to share but do not even know where to begin.  Chris over at Clever Father told me to write everything down as it goes so quick, so I took his advice and my wife is keeping a daily notebook of the weeks events.  So many funny things have happened that I will have years worth of blogs post, should I choose to embarrass my little Mon-Ky!   I thought I would just have a quick version of the weeks events!

I had last week off, which was fantastic, but returned to work today.  Becky is off work for 1 year and I am so jealous that she will get to spend all this time with Kyron!  I found the time so special and wish I could spend all day cuddling my son and hanging out with my wife.

Sleep:  Our Fondest Memory!  If we were not already exhausted from the 32 Hour labour ( I will let my wife guest post on that one thank you!) or the two days of previous sleep deprivation, it probably would not be so bad!  Baby Kyron usually sleeps for 3 hour periods at a time, which leaves us time for a quick nap....if we were smart enough to use that time to nap!  Becky has pretty much let me sleep during the night and we will trade off and I will let her sleep for an hour or two in the night or early morning!  I should not complain about being tired, as I have no idea where Becky is getting her energy from.

Visitors:  "King" Kyron finally held court with his public this weekend and it was awesome to share his arrival with our family and friends.  Becky's Mom came over on the weekend and made us a ton of pre-made meals to freeze so we do not have to worry about cooking for a long time!  Our dear friends Sherry and Stu also came by and brought a Lasagna and some Apple Pie, which was to die for!  We also had a great visit with Jen and Darcy, who have two small boys that are my buddies!  Kyron seemed to take to his visitors and I hope he will be a social boy when he gets older.  We should have a steady stream of visitors over the next week or so and I cant wait to see everyone!

Our Fur Babies:   We were really curious about how our "fur babies" ( see intro to Copper/Pebbles and Roo here) were going to react when we brought baby home.  I am happy to report that all went well and I hope to do a post about it soon! 

 Temperament:  Kyron is a pretty sweet, quiet baby. ( Knock on wood)  He is not much of a crier, except when he is hungry.  We have taken him out shopping a few times and he is not much of a fuss-er at all.  Please Kyron, do not ever change! 

 Feeding:  Again...I will leave this to my wife, should she ever want to guest post!

 Kyron's Luck:  Ky definitely hit the "conception lottery" as he could not have gotten a better mom.  Becky is a natural and I am so proud of the job she is doing.  Sometimes I watch her with him and I get tears to my eyes when I see how tender and loving she is with him.  I told her today that Kyron is one lucky boy to have her as his momma. 

I hope to get some more posts coming!  But first...I must sleep!


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  1. Working Mommy said...

    Congrats again, daddy!!! Enjoy the ride ;)


  2. The Mommyologist said...

    So happy to hear he is doing well!! And get a nap every chance you get!

  3. Loukia said...

    Hey, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy! He's so cute! So glad to hear things are going well for you guys. Enjoy every precious second!

  4. ModernMom said...

    Oh how the time flys! Glad to hear all is well and that even the fur babies are doing ok!
    Go and get some rest:)

  5. *Lissa* said...

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!

  6. Future Mama said...

    OMG OMG OMG!! He's soooooo cute!! Looks like his daddy! CONGRATS you two!!

    Can't wait for your updates, especially the ones about the dogs! I wonder how Snoop with react to Spawnie!! Aww, so so so happy for you, the nursery looks wonderful as well! Congrats new daddy! And congratulate mommy for me!!

  7. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    I'm so glad to hear you are all doing well. Yes...get your sleep when you can!
    He is just tooooooo cute ya'll!

  8. Arizona Mamma said...

    Time does go so quickly. It's so sad really. But enjoy every moment and capture as many as you can.

  9. Adventure Mom Janna said...

    He's adorable! Oh I remember those sleepless but precious days! It's good to see a daddy blogger out there!

  10. Sarah R said...

    He's so cute!!! And what a little clone of you. :)

    I can see the pride in your words when you talk about Kyron. That's awesome. Congrats!

  11. Shandal said...

    That's great that you guys are documenting everything, keep that up!

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