Handprints? Footprints? Inking My Baby!

9:58 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I cannot believe that my son Kyron is two weeks old today....time sure is flying by!  My wife and I are trying to figure out the best way to take Kyron's hand and footprints to include them in his baby book.  At first glance this seemed like an pretty straightforward activity but now we find that we are actually at a loss as to the correct way to go about this? 

We have been looking around for the past week for the materials to do the job safely and assumed that there would be a ton of products to help with this, but we cannot find any "stamp kits" for kids.  Do we buy a regular ink pad?  Is there a special one that is safe for kids? I do not want to buy ink that will leave him looking like a Smurf or send him to the emergency ward!  I also would prefer using the Calgary Police Service jail standard issue ink if possible!  We never imagined this would be such a chore! 

 I think the ink footprints are pretty cool and will serve as a lasting reminder of how tiny the little guy once was.  I have them in my baby book and I think that they are just too cute to look at!  I bet there were no safety considerations for ink and baby's feet in 1977 when mine were done, but I guess this is what they call "progress" right? 

 We have come across a ton of those plaster kids to imprint their hands and feat, but this will not work for the baby book.  We just want some ink darn it!  Any suggestions? 


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  1. Mad {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

    Moose's baby book came with a special kit for handprinting/footprinting. Worked great! I plan to get the same one for our second son, too.

  2. Shandal said...

    Here ya go!


  3. Anonymous said...

    Foot prints are easy. Hands prints, not so easy, definitely a two person job in my opinion. Babies tend to curl up the fingers into little fists so getting those little fingers to straighten out and stamp them on paper can be a challenge! I even tried when my daughter was sleeping and it still proved to be challenging and messy. I stayed away from ink and used tempra paint, much easier to clean off baby and clothes. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Adventure Mom Janna said...

    Hey there! Glad you like the Elmo post.

    I would suggest taking your paper or cardstock to his next appt. and asking the dr.s if they have the ink used when babies are born.

    My daughter had a 2 week visit so I'm thinking you might as well.

    We did the clay imprint at 4 months and it was hard to get her to flatten out her hand. I can't imagine if she had ink on them!

  5. Working Mommy said...

    You don't need "ink" as much as paint. Any type of acrylic paint will wash off the little guy and it won't rub off from the book - as long as you let it dry. Have fun with a squirmy painted baby!


  6. Kristine said...

    Yeah, they make kits for this. But I was able to do it more cheaply (and, um, hopefully as safely) by getting non-toxic water-based craft paint. Probably not as crisp as ink, but I'm not very classy.

  7. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

    For our first child we just used a regular ink pad bought from Staples and washed his feet and hands really well. The ink washed off easily and fully because it was still a little wet. It's probably frowned upon but there were no lasting problems.

    For our second we bought a Melissa and Doug ink pad with non-toxic ink.

  8. Loukia said...

    2 weeks already, aww, how sweet! :) My only suggestion to you is to NOT wake up your baby to do the footprints! We did that with our first son because my sister came over and was excited to do it, and of course, being a new mom, I was clueless... my son was 18 days old, and he woke up, of course, and started to cry. Big mistake! ;) Good luck!

  9. Kelly said...

    Hey bud...your blog is looking really nice, I remember when you just started! I will follow for sure! Congrats on your new baby boy! How exciting! Can't wait to hear all the stories!

  10. Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

    sadly, i never did that! I went back and looked at his pics- what an amazing little guy! (sorry, i've been a bit out of the loop here!)

  11. Farmers Wife said...

    I did my kiddies prints with non toxic acrylic paint....best if your baby is asleep or drowsy...it washes off easily and doesn't stain like ink. Congrats btw.....

  12. ModernMom said...

    I like the tempra paint idea...I know they use that in daycares:)

  13. Nicole said...

    Hey Shane

    Sorry for the late congratulations. Kyron is adorable! Hope Becky is recovering nicely and you are all getting enough sleep.

    As for footprints/handprints, I did Penny's when she was 4 months old and even then it was hard. I was told that kids don't do handprints very well until they're about 18 months old. I did pottery at the Clayground for everyone for Mother's and Father's Days that had Penny's footprints. But I have seen at Bo Bebe, they have like a wet wipe that is covered in ink. You might want to try that.

    Good luck! Looking forward to reading more in the days and months to come.

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