Almost One Week Past The Due Date....Still No Baby!

10:05 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Due Date:  12/31/2009.

Today's Date: 01/05/2009.

Diagnosis.....  No Baby!

Thanks to everyone that has emailed checking to see if  "Taddy" has arrived yet!  As you can see above, we are just about one week past the due date and still no baby!  I read some interesting stats today about due dates that I thought I would share with everyone!
  • Only 5% of babies are born on their actual due date!
  • 50% are born within a week of their due date.
  • 90% are born within 2 weeks of their due date! Yikes!

  Becky is now off work so she has had time to relax and get everything ready in advance of Taddy's arrival.  She is actually doing quite well given her late pregnancy condition and I am surprised that she has as much energy as she does.   On Sunday, we received the wall paper boarder that we ordered and finally finished the baby room!  She is through the "nesting" stage and now has a calmness about her which is actually quite cute.  ( **Sigh**)   We are both super excited for Taddy's arrival and hope to meet him/her within the next few days. 

 Over the past week, we have received so much advice about how to get the labour moving along.  Here are some of our favorites:

1) Go for a long walk. ( This is the most common comment. Becky is not built for walking right now, lol.)

2) Some suggest that having Relations ( aka Sex) will speed up the labour process. ( In Canada, there is an old law that makes it illegal to have relations with a woman over 40 weeks pregnant.  It has something to due with the cold weather and migrating bird patterns I believe. :) 

3) A nurse suggested that Becky "rub her nipples" to get the labour moving along.  Why? We have no idea.

4) We overheard a mother saying that she was going to drink "Castor" oil. sure to let me know how that one works out for you. 

What are your suggestions?  What are the craziest old wives tales you have ever heard of?  What works!

We will keep you posted!



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  1. MuddynoSugar said...

    The 'having relations' bit is actually based in science as the mans stuff has similar chemicals in it as those they use to induce late babies. Similarly I think the rubbing nipples thing is something to do with fooling the body to think the baby needs milk, therefore has to come out..
    I am a cliche, however, my first baby came after I had a curry (in Birmingham UK, where I live, this is a well known baby getting outerer!)and then cleaned the oven with lots of nasty chemical cleaning stuff, next thing you know - wah la - a baby...!

  2. WriterWriter said...

    Two things:
    Sex. Semen contains prostiglandins, which is what's in Pitocin, which is what the doc will inject to bring on labour.

    Secondly, ask your doc to strip the membranes... he/she will know what that means - basically, it means they disturb the cervix by removing protective mucus. Not dangerous. Very natural way of encouraging labour and will usually happen if you have sex. See? Sex is still winning as best method.

    Otherwise, have your partner review what would have been her approximate normal menstrual cycle start date for this month. That will give you a good idea of when to expect labour, as those dates usually line up pretty darn closely.

    Sex is best though. I know it sounds dumb but it works and seriously, choice between love-making and inter-venous injection? Door number 1 please.

  3. Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

    As Muddy said the chemicals in "your boys" help to move along the dilation of the cervix. Fun stuff. My first came after I did all of the above and RAN...yes RAN up a flight of stairs 9 months pregnant (well 10 actually I was 40 weeks) I then drove over the biggest speed bumps I could find since off-road driving wasn't found in the city, what was the ticket was PF Chang's Spicy Chicken. If you have spicy ANYTHING...worth it. Couldn't do it with the twins because the heartburn was killing me. But I also hear hard cleaning works too like Muddy said...she was cleaning and POOF! Labor. Good luck...its exciting and a lot of hurry up and wait. HA HA

  4. Theresa Milstein said...

    I did it all before I gave birth after being twelve days late with one and eight days late with the other.

    Here's what didn't work:
    spicy food, sex, taking longs walks during heat waves, holding a four-year-old during an entire fourth of July fireworks display during a heat wave, that horrible membrane stripping, and threats to the unborn child ("It's either me or you, we can't both live here").

    Here's what I almost resorted to:
    castor oil and an enema

    Here's what may have worked:
    sex (after already being eleven days late and it already having failed the previous ten days, so I think it was finally just time for the baby and my body).

    Hang in there!

  5. Courtney said...

    Oh I don't know what I would do if I went a week past my due date. Both of my girls were super big (9lbs 1oz and 8lbs 13oz) so I was induced a week early each time. Good luck! I heard sex works, but it never did with us. After the fact I read up on it (I don't know why) and you both need to "finish" with the semen inside. My husband thought that was gross so never did that.

  6. Working Mommy said...

    I was induced by the doc (thank GOD) because it was summer and she didn't think it was necessary for me to go past my due go for it - just ask the doc. It is MUCH easier and MUCH less stressful doing it that way.


  7. Michele said...

    I have heard eating spicy food works, or else it just adds to the heartburn. Thankfully with both my kids I was on time or early, so I didn't have to resort to any of the old wives tales. After 9 (10) months of pregnancy, I wasn't into castor oil, nipple rubbing, walks or sex.... I just wanted the baby OUT!!!
    Good luck!!

  8. Rachel said...

    Rubbing the nipples probably won't do much. (sorry, gonna get graphic here for a sec) Pinching/squeezing/twisting/nibbling them might actually work. I'm not sure why it works because I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV (not even in porn, though my comment kinda sounds like it.) But I tried everything short of castor oil and my daughter was just not wanting to appear! I did notice that I had some contractions when doing the nipple thing, so one night, nine days past my due date, I'd had enough and about pulled those suckers off and promptly went into labor. So... just to test the theory (and totally not because I'm a perv. Shut up.) I tried the nipple thing just a bit when I was pregnant with my son and sure enough, almost every time, I'd have a contraction.

    This was a very long comment about nipples. I'll stop now.

  9. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Dang, I wish I knew about that "relations" law when I was 42 freakin' weeks preggers!!!

    Nothing works. It's all a load of crap. Baby will come when they are ready to come, which in my case was never...for all 3!

  10. Tammi said...

    Awe! No baby on my birthday!!
    ((Sending Labor vibes))

    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos

  11. The Mommyologist said...

    I've heard that Skyline Chili from Cincinnati works every time! I think you can order it online...

    Good luck!!

  12. Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

    oh, your poor wife. I was four days past due with my first and it almost killed me. I can't wait to hear!!

  13. Sarah said...

    My little one was actually born on her due date! The night before, I had a glass of wine. The day of, I went for a very very long walk. Not sure if it worked or not. Enjoy your last few days as a family of two! Your little one will be here so soon. Good luck!

  14. Chris | Advice for Dads said...

    Our little girl was over due by a few days, I can't imagine how uncomfortable your wife must be! I pity both of you!

    Castor oil and 'relations' seem to work for us as she was in labor 5 hours later!

    Just got to grease it up with the oil and give it a good poke!

  15. Genny said...

    That waiting can be hard. My best to you and your wife! Try to get one last dinner in together before that bundle of joy comes! :)

  16. Ottavia said...

    I was a week late with my Mateo and an week early with my 2nd! I`m sure she go into labour any day now. Lots of walking, even though she`ll only be able to due short walks. Walk then rest! Good Luck. All the very best for a speedy delivery.

  17. Sarah R said...

    I'm sure your baby will be here soon! They have their own agendas, I tell ya.

    Well, I know you hate to hear it, but walking worked for me (well, it didn't hurt). I actually went into labor on my own a week early. I was walking 45 minutes 2-3 days a week. The night before my contractions started, I had taken a nice, long walk. :)

    The nipple stimulation helps the uterus contract, so it really couldn't hurt! Not that I ever got to the point where I needed to try that, since I never thought I'd go early.

    My bet is on January 7th. That's when I think Taddy will arrive.

  18. Jewel said...

    Great advice everyone, especially Chris, Advice for Dads. I'm sure all the words of wisdom will come in handy for me later this year.

    Good luck to you two! You didn't want a New Year's Eve baby anyway. My boyfriend is one of those. You need to spread out the celebrations!

  19. Arizona Mamma said...

    Rub her ankles. There are supposed to be trigger points that induce contractions. In fact, when a pregnant woman goes for a maternity massage, they stay clear away from the ankles so as no to induce labor.

  20. 6p0120a5be4bcd970b said...


    I was early, my brother was late, and my sister was born on her due date. My own baby was a week late and I had to be induced. She *still* didn't want to come out so they had to go get her. These kids have their own agendas and you will learn to follow it soon enough. ;)

    Wishing you and your wife all the best!!!

  21. WhisperingWriter said...

    Yes, I've heard about the sex thing. I don't think it helped us. My husband was happy though.

  22. Melissa said...

    Oh I hope that she/he comes so very soon! The only thing that worked w/ my daughter...time, she came early. My son, well what worked for him was scheduling induction, he didn't want his momma to be induced so he came the very next day! I have no advice on how to get things moving a long.

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