Kyron Dancing To Elmo and Jamie Foxx!

8:00 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Some of you may have picked up from previous posts that our eleven month old son Kyron loves to dance.  Ever since he was 3 months old, we have found that he loves music and often loves to dance along to his favorite songs!  During the Christmas season Kyron discovered a new favorite song, song by Elmo and Jamie Foxx ( in Elmo's Christmas Countdown) about the Nutcracker. 

Check out Kyron and his sweet dance moves...

I think he loves R&B!

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Kyron Meets Santa Clause For The First Time!

10:12 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Since this is baby Kyron's first Christmas, Becky and I where so excited to see how Kyron would react when he met Santa for the first time.  You always hear the horror stories of young kids getting frightened when there parents pop them onto Santa's lap, so we were not sure what to expect with Kyron.

We had the opportunity to visit Santa last weekend at a private function and all told, Kyron did pretty well! 

The look on his face is priceless!  It almost looks like Kyron's famous "who the heck are you???" face!

He lasted almost a full minute on Santa's lap until the tears started to flow.  I think he did a great job given the fact his mom and dad placed him on some strangers lap and asked him to smile nice!  I do feel sorry for these Santa's as they must deal with terrified babies all day long.

I can imagine the Santa horror stories that parents must have! 

Merry Christmas!

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Baby Kyron's First Steps...While Using My Ipod Touch!

6:00 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Well everyone, the day has finally arrived!  After over a month of "cruising" from couch to couch around the living room, our ten month old son Kyron finally took his first steps today!  I was fortunate enough to get some video of this adventure tonight, which I have posted below.

What is even funnier is the fact that Kyron does this while playing with my Ipod Touch! ( Ok seriously Apple, this is a pretty sweet product promotion! )  I love how he uses his fingers to try and scroll on the Ipod screen and I am not sure where he learned this from, but I assume it is simply from watching me use it?   After all this, I think I should buy him his own unit!

 Kyron has been getting better and better at standing on his own over the past few weeks, but was limited to a twenty second personal best time.  We both knew that it would only be a matter of time before he made the leap and starting walking. 

For about five minutes before we got this video, Kyron had attempted to walk from the couch to the open carpet with the Ipod, but fell after half of a step.  I am glad I kept the camera out to catch him in the act!

We are so proud of him!  I am actually kind of freaking out about this now, as I cannot believe how big our little man is getting.  Let the adventures begin!


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10:25 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I had the good fortune of being interviewed this week in the Calgary Herald, for a story on daddy bloggers!  The story highlights the "new" trend of emerging dad blogs and sheds light on this small but growing segment of bloggers. 

The link to the article can be found here....

Also, be sure to check out the other blog featured in this piece, as David has some awesome posts and his blog is hilarious! 

Have a great weekend!


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Otterbottle Christmas Gift Guide Review And Giveaway

9:02 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift?

The newest additions to the Otterbottle family have arrived! Canadian Otterbottle Inc. has launched new chic and stylish food containers, insulated beverage containers and insulated tote bags. Since the successful launch of their first stainless steel water bottle – the original Otterbottle – the demand for more eco friendly products that are style conscious has proliferated. Eco-chic Otterbottle Inc. continues their mission to create stylish products with the new uniquely designed containers and food totes.
“I created these products because Canadians have less and less patience with waste,” says Shannon Andrukow, founder and President of Otterbottle Inc. “From the increasing demand for garbage-less lunches at schools, to the steady growth of plastic bottle bans across the country, to the levy on paper cups at our favourite coffee shops, it is clear Canadians are looking for reusable solutions for carrying their food and beverages around. We embrace this attitude towards conservation and responsibility at Otterbottle and make it our mission to help people do so in style!”
 I had the opportunity to try out the Otterbottle 350ml Food Container, which I will be able to use all the time for taking mine or baby Kyron's lunches on the go!
The two wall containers are made of non-leaching 18/8 stainless steel. The lid is made of #5 recyclable BPA-free plastic. These insulated containers keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold for up to five hours. Ideal for chilli, pasta, meats or yogurt. 350ml in size.
 I love the look and feel of the Otterbottle products and think that they are a top quality product.  They would make a practical and exciting gift for anyone on your holiday gift list! 
Otterball has a great selection of other products, including Otterbottle Insulated Drink Containers, Otterbottle Stainless Steel Waterbottles and Otterbottle Insulated Tote Bags.  The full selection can be found at  
Want To Win One? 
The good people at Otterbottle have generously offered to give one of my readers their very own Otterbottle Tote Bag!  To enter, simply head over to their website at and leave a comment telling me what your favorite colour is!   
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Contest is open to Canadian residents only and will end 11:59pm on December 8, 2010

Good Luck!


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Baby Kyron's First Halloween!

4:12 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I know this is a little late, but I thought I would share some pics from Kyron's first Halloween!  Kyron dressed up as an Elephant and seemed to love the costume.  He didn't fuss in it or seem to want to pull it off all day.

 We dressed him up on Sunday and headed to Market Mall, as they had a Halloween event in the afternoon.  I cant wait for next Halloween as he will be able to strut along by himself and get his daddy some good candy!

Here are a few pics....

Happy Halloween! 

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Fun Halloween Hair Tips For Kids!

7:14 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s got best Halloween hair of all?

Kids Halloween Hair Tips from the Experts at Beaners

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would share some of these cool kids hairstyle tips!  I think some of these ideas are awesome and I hope that they can help.

Have an outfit that needs topping off with a cool “do,” or in need of some funky hair tips to perfect your Halloween look? Search no further, the style experts at Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids offer the following tips and advice!

Mohawk Madness – want to add a little height to your little man’s hair this year? Dampen the hair (not to much!) put gel or paste in it and mold the hair to your desired shape. A quick blow-dry and some spray colour on the top will make your man’s hair “stand out” this year!

Don’t “mess” with this Witch – need to create a shocking hair do for your little witch? Start at the nape of the neck; take chunks of hair and back comb. With a pick, smooth out the top and spray some white streaks in it with washable hair spray - perfectly wicked!

Vampire Hair – need to take a bite out of the costume competition this year? Wet the hair and put half amount pomade and half amount gel slick into it. Slick back with a fine toothcomb, spray all black and let dry! For an extra scary effect, spray white above the ears and knock em’ dead!

Beautiful Ballerina – add a little pirouette to your ballerina’s hair this season! Pull the hair into a high ponytail and hairspray smooth. Split the hair in the ponytail into two pieces twist one piece from top to bottom and wrap around ponytail and hold in place with bobby pins do the same with the other piece and wrap around the opposite way – et voila! a graceful ballerina bun!

Zombie Hair – scare ‘em stiff by grabbing pieces of hair and back combing while spraying hairspray. Sprinkle in some baby powder for a cool web dusty effect!

Want to add a little something special to your hair this Halloween to take your hair from Dull to Dramatic? Follow these add on tips to take it over the top. Drop by any Beaners location and ask a stylist to add one in for you or try it yourself at home!

Bead Braid – want to add a little more bling to your braid? Take small sections of hair and a handful of beads. Add the beads to the hair while the braid is being done (simply feed the bead through the hair to the desired location in the braid!)

Colour Contrast – need your hair to match your outfit? Grab your desired ribbon colour and braid it into your hair starting at the top.

Streak-tastic! – Another way to add colour to your hair is by grabbing a small section of dry hair and spray with colour spray, use multiple colours to get awesome locks. A little tip: we suggest styling the hair before adding colour spray.

About Beaners Fun Cuts

Beaners is a Canadian owned specialty hair salon for children, which opened its' doors in 1987, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There are 14 locations across the country in four provinces. For more information or to find a location visit

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Kyron Says Cookie! His Third Word Caught On Tape!

8:46 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 With the convenience of camcorders today, I think its amazing when you can get an unexpected shot that makes you laugh.  Becky had the good fortune of catching 9 month old Kyron saying his third word ( Mama and Dada came first....) which was "Cookie". 

As you can see, Becky was pretty excited about catching this!  The look on Kyron's face is priceless,  its like he realizes he did something cool, then just goes back to smiling and wanting his darn cookie!

 I wonder what his next word will be?


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Kyron Come and Dance With Me! Sweet Baby Dance Moves!

9:38 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  This is a really cute video of baby Kyron showing off his sweet dance moves!  Becky didn't want me to post this, as she is singing one of her cool "made up songs" with him!  She thinks its embarrassing, but  I think it is really sweet! 

Kyron has really shown a love of music and some of you may remember his other dance video from when he was only 7 weeks old!
I know that he gets his love of music from his mommy, which is pretty cool! 

PS:  I have made the final round of the Canadian Blog Awards- Best Family Blog and need your help!  Can you vote for me below?  Voting ends 10/26/2010! Thank You!  

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Wordless Wednesday! Like Father Like Son

8:58 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Check out Kyron reading up on the 2010 Calgary Municipal election.  He sure makes his daddy proud!

Happy Wednesday!

PS:  I have made the final round of the Canadian Blog Awards!  Can you please vote for me below? 

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Baby Kyron Started Standing! Yikes!

9:12 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

When Kyron started crawling a few weeks ago, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before he moved on to bigger and better things!  This week, he started pulling himself up from a sitting position to standing.  He now pulls himself up on the nearest couch, coffee table and any other object in sight!

 Becky and I had to move his crib down to the lowest setting due to his "upright adventures". 

And a quick video.....

Based on his leg strength, I imagine it will not be long before he starts walking! Yikes!

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Kyron's First Calgary Flames Hockey Game!

7:30 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Anyone that knows me will confirm that I am a big Calgary Flames fan!  I have had season tickets for the past six or seven years, but I find it hard to find time to make all of the games.  In fact, Becky has my other "seat" and she has not been to a game in over a year and a half, as I usually give the tickets I cannot use away or take Becky's brother to the games.

 After seeing how well baby Kyron did at his first baseball game in San Francisco last month, we decided to see how he would do at a Calgary Flames home game!  We had the chance to take him to a pre-season game this week against our provincial rivals, the Edmonton Oilers!  Once again, Kyron proved that he is a social butterfly and that he loves being around people, as he was an angel the entire game! 

Here are some pics....

I had to break down and get him his own Jersey and hat! ( The hat say's "born to be a Flames Fan!")

Here is a short video also....

I did not get to got to a Calgary Flames game until I was 17, so Kyron is off to a great start as a potential long term Flames fan!  At the very least, Becky and I will be able to go to some more games together, with Kyron on our laps cheering! 

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2) Bugalug Rocking Fashion Accessories for Boys! ( $20 GC and a Pair of Cool Cuffs Ends 10/15/10)

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Kyron's First Baseball Game!

9:21 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  While we were in San Francisco earlier this month, we were fortunate enough to be able to attend a San Francisco Giants baseball game!  Kyron is a real "people person" and he thrives on talking to strangers, so you can imagine his reaction when we first sat down at the ballpark....

He had a blast at the game and loved making friends with everyone around him!  He even had time to flirt with the girl in front of us.....

We were so close the the field, that I tried unsuccessfully to get him a ball from the outfield! 

But he did get a certificate from the SF Giants confirming that this was Kyron's First Baseball Game!  He even got to meet the Giants mascot, Lou Seal!

Even though it was a little chilly ( and I am Canadian, so you know it was cold!) we had a great time.  I cant wait to take him to his first NHL game this season!


PS... Be sure to enter my latest giveaways!

1)  $25 Gift Certificate to!  Ends October 13, 2010.

2)  Bugalug Rocking Fashion Accessories for Boys! ( $20 GC and a Pair of Cool Cuffs Ends 10/15/10)

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Bugalug's Rocking Fashion Accessories For Boys!

8:01 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

In a previous post, I shared with everyone the cool products that Bugalug has for girls!  Well I am pleased to help spread the word about some of their new Rocking Fashion Accessories for boys!  While Kyron is just a little too small to use these products ( they are aimed at the 1-6 year old market.), Becky and I are so excited to use them.  They look so cool and I know from our friends that the belts are super practical for toddlers!   There's no end to the number of cute accessories for little girls - barrettes, headbands, belts, pony loops, jewellery ... day after day, we see their adorable faces light up as they don their favourite accessory that makes them feel "just right." But what about our little dudes? Bugalug, first to the market to make adorable non-slip clips, headbands, pony loops, soother clips and more, has recently launched its new line of little boy Cinch Belts and Cool Cuffs.

Finally an accessory that is as cool as your little man! Made with super-soft recycled ultra suede and designed with little boys in mind, boys can let the world know that they can accessorize with the best of them! Cool Cuffs come in three sizes to fit boys from infant to six years and come in four fun – and very “boyish” styles: checkers, flames, skulls and caution. They can also be paired with Bugalug’s new Cinch belts. So go ahead, Little Man – rock out! Cool Cuffs are available for $10.00. Toddler’s and pre-schooler’s tiny middles make it hard to find the exact size pants that stay up just right. Bugalug’s new innovative Cinch Belts put the stop on the slip and slide pant waist. The Cinch Belts were designed with both parent and child in mind. The belts include an elastic, which helps to keep pants up while still keeping the pants comfortable and flexible. The elastic also allows the little one the ability to pull their pants on and off without having to struggle with a traditional belt. All belts are reversible and sport Bugalug’s exclusive unique designs. The suggested retail price for Cinch Belts is $18.00.

About Bugalug

  Sundi Hoffman, an entrepreneurial mother of two from Calgary, AB ( My Hometown!!) has made it her mission to create accessories for little girls and boys that are not only adorable, but 100 per cent Canadian (all products are hand-made by Canadian stay-at-home moms). Since the creation of her very first product, Bugalug Barrettes (which won her the coveted title of SavvyMom’s Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Prairies in 2008), Hoffman’s Bugalug has been targeted as one of Canada’s up and coming companies chosen to provide her products to the likes of Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Courtney Cox and Angelina Jolie - to name a few!

  Bugalug products can be found in more than 375 stores across Canada and four other countries – a number that continues to grow each month. The company is also branching out into the United States and Taiwan and is looking at Japan, Australia, and South Africa. For more information and to purchase products, visit
Want To Win your own set of Rockin Fashion Accessories from Bugalug?

The good people at Bugalug have generously offered one of my readers the chance to win a $20 Gift Card and  apair of Cool Cuffs )for there own child!

To enter, please head over to and let me know what your favorite product is!

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Contest is open to USA and Canada and will end 11:59pm on October 15, 2010

Good Luck!

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Nifty Knees Review and Giveaway! Did they help Kyron Crawl?

8:32 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  When I first heard about the Funky Leg Warmers that Nifty Knees sold, I was a little apprehensive about trying some with Kyron.  My first impressions where "leg warmers....for a boy?" and my mind flashed to the 1980's jazzercise classes I used to walk by at Southland Leisure Centre as a kid!  After receiving a pair from Nifty Knees to try and review, I now admit that I had the wrong impression!

  Nifty Knees has an impressive collection of products for sale on their website ( including cool selections for both boys and girls!  I think that their seasonal selections, including the Halloween onesies are pretty cute also!  I was fortunate enough to be able to try a baby Goth Drool Bandanna ( so cool!) and a pair of  boys Contrast Stripe Leg Warmers for Kyron!  The leg warmers were amazingly easy to put on and have kept Kyron's legs warm when he is in a onesie!  It allows him to actually wear his onesie's at home, without Becky worrying about his legs getting cold!

 I have attached some pictures of Kyron wearing his Nifty Knee Leg Warmers below!

 Also, Kyron has been trying to crawl for a few weeks now, but has been stuck in the "creeping" stage.  Last night he was able to put a full on knee crawl together when he was wearing the Nifty Knee Leg Warmers!  Coincidence?  Watch the video and decide for yourself!


As mentioned, the products offered by Nifty Knees are awesome!  Head over to their website and have a look for yourself!  They have offered a 15% discount to my readers on all purchases until December 1, 2010.  Just enter the coupon code cdreview to get your discount online!

Want To Win a $25 Gift Certificate from Nifty Knees?
The good people at Nifty Knees have generously offered one of my readers the chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate so they can get their own pair of funky leg warmers, drool bandanna, fleece hats or custom tees!

To enter, please head over to  and let me know what your favorite product is!

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Contest is open to USA and Canada and will end 11:59pm on October 13, 2010

Good Luck!

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Minute Maid Canada's $1,000 Daily Giveaway And Breakfast Club Sponsorship!

8:53 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

In honour of Minute Maid's 60th anniversary, they are having a pretty cool contest promotion that I wanted to share with everyone!  Not that a $1000 daily prize is not important, but I am more impressed by the fact that they will donate sixty cents to Breakfast Clubs of Canada every time someone plays the free game!

Celebrating its 60th year as a key part of Canadians’ breakfast, Minute Maid® wants to bring back the classic birthday – showcasing that ‘keeping it simple’ can be rewarding for both kids and parents. Whether it’s making a one-of-a-kind birthday cake or inspiring older kids to give back with a donation to a local charity, the options are endless. Celebrating 60 years young, Minute Maid® has also planned a special donation to Breakfast Clubs of Canada. But, first they need your help.

Minute Maid® is kicking off its 60 day birthday celebration by giving Canadians from coast to
coast a chance to win* a daily cash prize of $1,000 or a grand prize of $25,000.

The best part?

Each time someone logs onto and plays a fun birthday game for a chance to win*, Minute Maid® will make a donation to Breakfast Clubs of Canada (up to $60,000**) to help fund breakfast programs in schools across the country. And the benefits are large. A healthy breakfast that includes one serving of orange juice provides 100 per cent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and two complete fruit servings as outlined in Canada’s Food Guide. And by providing a balanced meal, these programs have renewed children’s interest and attention in school, improved social skills and reduced bullying. Teachers also report at least 30 minutes more effective instruction time per day when breakfast programs have become a part of their schools. 

Head on over to and enter!  If you do not win at least you will have helped to make a donation!


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Kyron's First Time Playing Catch!

9:38 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  We had the greatest laugh while on holiday's last week when we discovered that our 8 month old son discovered that he likes to play "catch"!  He loves to throw the ball back and forth, which is sure to make his baseball fanatic Uncles Cory and Blake happy!

 Here is a video of his first time throwing...I think he is a natural!

I smile every time I see this!


Be sure to enter my giveaway for one of three copies of Turbo Dogs DVD, Volume 1!  The contest closes on September 29, 2010.  The link is here:

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Turbo Dogs Volume 1 DVD Review and Giveaway!

6:30 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

   In anticipation of the September 14, 2010 DVD Release of Turbo Dogs Volume 1, I am fortunate enough to host a giveaway of this cool CBC Kids show!  I have watched this show a few times with Kyron and he loves the motion and music!  It really is an entertaining show and the animation is awesome.


 Dash, Mags, GT, Strut, Stinkbert and Clutch are the town's Turbo Dogs and although they may be fierce competitors on the track and let's face it, celebrities in the town of Racerville, they always (well almost always) try to remember that winning isn't everything. While kids are sure to get caught up in the action-packed storylines and non-stop antics, an emphasis on team work will also see that they zoom away with some rules for the road.

More info about the show...

• Adapted from the picture book 'Racer Dogs' by Bob Kolar

• Created by the producers of Veggie Tales and 3-2-1 Penguin

• Airs on CBC mornings Monday to Friday at 7:15am and 11:45am

Turbo Dogs is the winner of many awards including:

• 2009 Parents Choice Award

• Dove Family Seal of Approval (5/5)

• 2009 Turbo Dogs (Strut's Trick/A Star Turn) has been awarded a KIDS FIRST! endorsement by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Here is a clip of the show!

Want To Win A Copy?

I am fortunate enough to host this giveaway and I am giving away three ( 3) copies of this cool DVD, courtesy of Eone Entertainment!  To enter, please leave a comment on my blog letting me know who you would give this to!

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Contest is open to Canada only and will end 11:59pm on September 29, 2010.

Good Luck!

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Kyron Loves His Baby Num Num Cookies!

7:00 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  We gave Kyron his first baby cookie last month ( rice cookie...not Chocolate Chip!) and he loves them.  Becky got a video of him trying it for the first time and he loves them!  He must get his love of cookie snacks from his old dad, as I am a cookie fiend! 


This video was taken  a few weeks ago and things have changed since the first try.  He now devours these cracker things in less than 60 seconds. Even faster when he tries to share them with our dogs!

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Kyron's Calgary Hail Storm Adventure

7:00 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 The weather in Calgary during the summer is so unpredictible that you really have to plan for every scenario.  This summer saw Calgary get hit with more than its fair share of hail storms, some of which were very intense.  It is not unusual to have a beatiful summer afternoon interrupted by a fifteen minutes of nasty pea/golf ball sized hail, usually without notice.

 One hail storm in July is turning out to be the biggest insurance disaster in Calgary's history.  The golf ball sized hail that hit the city that afternoon has caused more than $400 Million in property damage.  Yikes.

Here is a video of Kyron checking out the hail as it piles up on the deck in mid-August.  The house was getting pelted just before I took the video and he was unsure as to what was happening.  He kept looking around the ceiling trying to figure it all out.  ( It looks like snow, but its really pea sized hail balls!)


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Baby Kyron Started Creeping! ( Not Crawling)

9:08 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  My little man Kyron is growing like crazy!  He just started doing the "Creeping" I guess a full fledged Crawling will not be far away!  Guess who is going baby gate shopping this weekend?

The "creeping" movements are so funny to watch.  It looks like he is in the Army doing basic training on an obstacle course!  At 7 months old, its cute to see him be able to move around so independently.

Here is a video that we took last week when he first started doing this.  He is actually getting better every day! 

 I wonder what the average age that babies begin crawling at?  Feel free to leave a comment to let me know your thoughts or when your kids started?


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Retro TV Friday: Harriets Magic Hats!

12:54 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

In my old age, I find that I am getting fonder of the cartoons and TV shows that I liked to watch as a kid! As usual on my Retro TV Friday posts, I try to share some love with the obscure shows from the 1980's. Fitting nicely into the obscure title is "Harriet's Magic Hats"!
 Harriet's Magic Hats was a TV series created by ACCESS TV,  ( Alberta's version of PBS!)  which aired on Alberta's ACCESS TV and TVOntario from 1980 - 1986. The premise was an aunt named Harriet who had a trunk full of magic hats in her attic. Her young niece was transported to a place related to the hat she chose from the trunk. For example, if she wore a chef's hat from the trunk, the girl was transported to a kitchen with professional chefs, where she would learn about the profession. The show was 15 minutes long, and gave children a diverse view of the working world.  Just what every 8 year old Albertan needs! 
 The show was actually quite interesting when I was a kid because there was usually nothing else on at 3pm.  Seriously, I liked how she was magically transported ( with low budget Canadian TV Special effects) to a job site or store.  I never understood why Aunt Harriet had all those hats in the attic or where they came from?  Also, I don't think I ever remember seeing Aunt Harriet much in the show, but thankfully her talking ( Puppet) Parrot Ralph was always there to babysit!
 Once in the mid 1980's they actually filmed the show on street as these two red headed Irish twins ( how original for child actors....) that lived on my block were guest starring in one of the episodes.  It was neat to see the camera crew filming it.  I am surprised the director did not pluck me from the crowd and whisk me and my baby blues away to LA for screen tests, but I guess he didn't have a real eye for talent? is a clip.  Warning: The theme song is still stuck in my head from 1985, so be careful!

Happy Friday!


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