You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly!

8:58 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

I hope Becky never says this to me!  ( Although I think its impossible that we would have ugly children, have you seen my wife!)   Does anyone remember this 1970's classic?  The lyrics are just too funny.  I remember my mom playing this album on Saturday mornings while cleaning the house when I was a kid and the song has always stuck in my head.  In fact, when I hear it, I can still smell lemon scented "Pine-Sol" even to this day...odd. 

 All parents say "we just want a healthy child", but me and Becky always throw a caveat on that cliche'!  She often jokingly says..."what if our baby is ugly...I don't want that"!  We heard a story about a new mom that actually cried when she thought that her baby was "ugly" and thought that was just too funny.  I hope that "Taddy's" features do not cause my wife to head into a state of sadness!  But like I said...have you seen a picture of us?  It is just not possible!   ( Note: Sarcasm...well kinda.)

We have been joking that Taddy will have the following features for sure:

1) Blue Eyes
2) Small Hands
3) A Uni-brow.  Yes, like Bert.  Sorry about that Taddy.

 We did get to see baby in an ultrasound this week and I am just pumped to get to meet Taddy!  3 Weeks!!

Have you seen any ugly babies?  Got Pics? 


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  1. Shandal said...

    Aw! You wife is beautiful! You guys will have a gorgeous baby! Can't go wrong with blue eyes! No one cares about the size of hands! There's always wax for that uni-brow! ;)

  2. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    You will have a beautiful baby! I always wonder, would you know if your baby was ugly? Or as parents, do you not see that? Only a face a mother could love??

    Yep, I've seen an ugly baby...but it's parents think it's soooo cute. Did I just call that baby an "it"?

  3. The Mommyologist said...

    I just voted for you! I love your blog. And I seriously doubt that you two will have an ugly baby. I've only seen one or two in my day...and when I did you could take one look at the parents and see why!

  4. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Thanks Ladies! You guys are the best.

  5. maryrocks said...

    Shane, you and becks will have a sweet baby!! Just look at u when ur were a baby..

  6. Anonymous said...

    Shane, you and becks will have a sweet baby!!

  7. Shannon said...

    Although I thought my first daughter was beautiful then...when I look back at the pictures now, well...EEK! lol. I say this with love, but she was one UGLY baby. She's gorgeous now, but at 4 pounds 5 ounces at birth, she looked like a little gnome. When my son was born, my Dad came in the hospital room and said, "ew, well, he'll probably get cuter". He was kidding (kind of), but he's always said that all babies are ugly.

  8. WhisperingWriter said...

    Well, both of my babies came out looking like apes with a lot of hair.

    But they grew out of it. Now they're pretty cute. With lots of hair.

  9. Lin said...

    ha ha, the hubs & I always kid around & say that we'll have to ask the doctor to stick the baby back in if it's ugly.

    I'm sure your baby will be beautiful, you're wife's a total hottie.

  10. Rachel said...

    My daughter was hideous as a newborn, all that laboring for hours and getting caught in the birth canal and stuff, she had a weird-shaped head and lots of bruises and was all purple-red and wrinkly. My dad called her Winston Churchill for a week. She improved drastically after that though!

    Though, I'm pretty sure that all parents think their children are beautiful no matter what they actually look like. Maybe my kids are really frightening, but at least I think they are adorable!

  11. Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

    Guess what? I was an ugly baby. My parents called me Horror Show.

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