Weebles Wobble? My Wife is Going to Kill Me For This!

8:42 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

"Weebles Wobble But They Won't Fall Down".... HA! 

Hmmmm....They kind of reminds of my wife with 3 weeks to go until "Taddy's" arrival! 

Yes, Becky is probably going to have a good laugh when she sees this....then she will likely chase me around the house!  But the laugh is on her, because we both know that she is just toooo slow right now!  ( Sorry Neeta, I just could not resist.) 

 I remember these toys from when I was a kid and I must say, toys sure were simpler then.  And speaking of simple, how about that catchy jingle!  How this singer got hired for this commercial is beyond me.  He would not have made the cut on "Holiday Inn Idol" in 2009!  Marketing sure has changed, that is for sure.

  Anyways, I am just poking some fun at my wife.  Apart from the fact she is having a hard time....

  1. Getting off the couch. ( She can get down on it quite easy...coming up, well... not so much!)
  2. Getting in/out of bed.  ( She said the bed is "toooooo high".)
  3. Getting her Uggs/Boots on.  ( I must help her before she heads off to work. Have you tried to pull a pair of boots around a swollen ankle?  It is not easy friends!)
  4. Painting/Cutting her toenails. ( Which reminds me...I promised I would do this tonight!)
  5. Walking long distances. ( "Honey...please wait for me..I have short legs"!)
 While these things are (mostly) true, I am really impressed at how my beautiful wife is handling this pregnancy!  I just like to poke some fun at her from time to time, because that is how we play in this house.  She is a Grade 1 teacher and I cannot imagine how hard it is for her to be on her feet all day long.  She must really love those kids ( and her job) as she hardly complains, even though I know how tired she is getting.

 Anyways, I hope she doesn't go all "Tiger Woods" on me when she reads this!  I will hide the golf clubs to be safe!

What was your experience when pregnant!

Sing it!  "Weebles Wobble But They Won't Fall Down"....


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  1. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    HAHA...I sooooo remember that commercial! When I was preggers, my hubby called me a penguin...actually "Jenguin"! I waddled all over the place. It was sad really! But dang, was I ever good at golf!

  2. Shannon said...

    My husband called me a 'tank'. Not appreciated and I don't recommend it. I LIVED in a bubble bath - everynight for the last couple months. Took the pressure off my body and relaxed me before bed. I could do my own toes though. A feat that amazed my friends, especially at 38 weeks.

  3. Courtney said...

    At least she can wear Uggs to work. With my first I worked at an ultra conservative bank and had to wear dress shoes!

  4. Menopausal New Mom said...

    My husband would love this post. I still remember the day I walked down the stairs from the bedroom where my husband looked up at me and said "you have now reached the point where one half of your total body is stomach.", I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant by then, funny though, as long as I've known him he's been 1/2 mouth!

  5. Chris | CleverFather said...

    Hah great post.

    My wife didn't get overly big while pregnant, the most trouble she had was sitting up from laying down.

    That of course doesn't mean there were a few jokes on her expense!

  6. Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

    Oh I so remember that commercial and the horse set I had that one and the plane. LOL

    I will admit when I was prego with the twins, getting in the car was a chore. As was putting on underwear....commando was not a choice all the time. Oh she will love it later and laugh, I know I laugh about my weeble wobble days of pregnancy!

  7. Arizona Mamma said...

    You are a brave man! Funny to read from the male perspective. Love the look of your blog by the way!

  8. Sarah said...

    Uggs are the best when you are pregnant! I remember trying to get my regular boots on the day before I gave birth. I could barely zip them up around my massively swollen calves. Ugh. It gets so uncomfortable! But then you have a perfect little person at the end of it :)

  9. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Thanks everyone! Just an update... As you can tell, my fingers were not broken when my wife read this! She actually laughed ( I knew she would).. I appreciate all your comments!

  10. mepsipax said...

    Oh man, never moo at a pregnant lady. Let me tell you. This blog might get you in just as much trouble. Lucky they are slow huh.

  11. Jennifer said...

    I enjoyed reading this. I remember the weebles, were one of my favorite toys. Obviously you know your wife very well to put this up, otherwise? There is a lot of love that I see in your blog posts, this is so awesome.

  12. BrandeeD said...

    I don't remember the original Weebles. The new ones are a lot cuter. When I was pregnant with my 3rd my son poked my tummy with a blow up spear, prompting my husband to yell "Thar she blows!". It amazes me that we have a 4th because I didn't kill him...LOL!

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