Unique Baby Names! ( What Are we Going To Call This Baby?)

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  The countdown is on!  We have 14 days until Taddy's arrival ( yikes!) and I am getting super excited.  On a previous post (link here) I talked about the most common questions you get asked when expecting.  I totally left out one of the most obvious...."Do You Have Any Names Picked Out?"  Becky and I had picked up an awesome baby name book in NYC during our summer vacation and found the list of names quite daunting.  We should have known when the title includes "100,000 Baby Names", but we pretty much went through the entire book and discussed many at length.

 Some of my names were shot down immediately!  As my last name proudly comes from my Ukrainian born grandfather, I was hoping for a Ukrainian flavour name.  I liked the following...

  •  Boris...or I would have settled for just Bo.  ( Bo Byciuk...it sounds good to me!) 
  • Tatiana 
 Unfortunately, no one liked these names so they got quashed.  Poor me. 

 Becky had some issues with a ton of names we came across also.  She is an elementary school teacher and immediately vetoed any names of "badly behaved" kids she has taught over the years.  She has a mental list of names and told me that "So&So's are always bad kids"....hardly scientific, but Happy Wife=Happy Life!  She also does not like the common names that are so popular right now, which made the decision even more difficult. 

In Alberta, the most popular names in 2008 were:

Boys: Ethan, Jacob, Alexander, Joshua, Liam, Logan, Nathan, Matthew, Noah, Owen

Girls: Ava, Olivia, Emma, Emily, Sarah, Isabella, Sophia, Madison, Hannah, Chloe

The province has a website that lists all of the baby names registered over the past 10 years.  You can view it here if you are interested.

I am pleased to say that we have picked a name!  I cannot share it yet as NOBODY knows it yet!  I will say that while is it not strange ( at least I do not think so) it is not even in the top 1000 of popular names in the world.  I can't wait to share it with you all!

What is the strangest baby name you have ever heard?  What is you favorite boy/girl name right now?



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  1. M {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

    baby #2 is due May 30th. My hubby is Belarussian so we'll most likely us a Russian name for a boy. Our girl name is not Russian at all, though!

    When I was a kid no one was named Madison. I was the only one in my school! Now its so popular amongst Kindy kids. I guess you can beat the trends by a generation but never fully escape them.

  2. Shannon said...

    ummm, Remember Sunshine?? lol.
    Naming a child is probably the hardest decision EVER. With both my girls, I thought I had names them really original names, only to find both of their names on the top ten list the years they were born. My son's name was my dad's idea. The first time he suggested "Charlie", we laughed. But then throughout the summer, he referred to my belly as "Charlie", and the we ALL referred to my belly as "Charlie"...so by the time he came...he WAS Charlie.

  3. Working Mommy said...

    Good luck on those name choices!! The man SWORE we were having a boy - so that name was easy to come up with...turns out we had a girl - that one was not so easy! Hopefully a boy is next on the list, though, because I really want a little Max Harrison walking around!!


  4. Courtney said...

    My best friends husband is also a teacher and it took them until the day before a scheduled c-section to come up with a name for their second. Their first took them until 2 days after the birth!

    I like Tatiana!

    Our boy name is Zane. We all ready have 2 girls and I got to use both of the names I liked: Avery and Cameron. I'm thinking if we have a third girl we'll have to continue the boys name for girls theme. I kind of like Parker...

  5. Courtney said...

    Oh totally forgot-weirdest name that I've ever heard. No Lie- Iamunique. As in I Am Unique, but all one word. What?

  6. The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

    These were some of the toughest conversations we have had in the last 3 years! We HATE boys names, so coming up with 2 of them was hard! ALways had our girls' names picked, but of course, go figure, we had 2 boys.

    Can't wait to hear the name. I feel like I've heard every name in the book (literally) since we just had our youngest 5 mos ago.

  7. Heather @ Two Little Monkeys said...

    I love the name Tatiana, very pretty. Alot of the kids in my sons school has some pretty strange names, Im not even going to try to spell them.lol!

  8. Shandal said...

    Weirdest names I've heard were from a friend who works at the maternity ward of a hospital. Twins named Lemonjello (pronounced Leh-mahn-jello)and Orangejello (pronounced Oh-rahn-jello). Then another baby was named Shithead (pronounced Shith-eed). MEAN parents! They shouldn't allow that!

  9. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Hubs and I had the hardest time picking a name. Every name I liked he didn't and vice versa. Frustrating! I liked the less-common-but-not-so-outrageous-names while he liked the most boring, plain names.
    My favorite name is actually my hubby's Polish name, Marek. But I'm not into the whole "junior" thing. In the end, I had the final say! I mean c'mon, I was the one pushing the watermelon out of the lemon!

  10. Rachel said...

    Baby names can be tough! I have always loved the name Hailey, since I was a kid. A childhood friend of mine had a baby sister named Hailey that was a DOLL, so I was just glad my husband went along with it. For our son, there was a bit more debate! We finally settled on Keegan, which several people told us they hate. Well, you know what, hate the name all you want! My kid and I'll name him what I want to! Now they all say they are sorry they ever said that and they love it. The kid makes the name, not the other way around.

    Ok unique names. Oooh boy... Ok I was once on a moms board with a woman whose children were named McKendriana, Kenniston, Kayleighan, Kabella, and Bryerson.

  11. Loukia said...

    I love Alexander and Sophia... hmm... maybe that's because they're also popular Greek names! Haha! Good luck with your name decision. It can't be easy.. for us, we just named our boys after our dads! :)

  12. WhisperingWriter said...


    I picture a big old bully when I think of the name Boris.

    I've always liked the name Elizabeth for a girl or Parker for a boy. I'm really bad with names though.

  13. Sarah R said...

    I can't wait to hear the name you have chosen!

    My favorite boy name is; of course, Andrew.

    My favorite girl name is Elise (what we are naming our daughter).

  14. Unknown Mami said...

    My favorite child's name right now is "Put Pie" because that's my daughters name.

    If we ever have another child, we are not telling anyone the name until the baby is born. Too many opinions otherwise.

  15. Nicole said...

    Everyone's opinions of names are so different, it's hard to even put your choices forth as options. What I hate is when people react "oh, I knew someone with that name and I hated them!" (Sorry, Becky!)

    Some people want unique names. Some people want names that stand out. Some people want traditional names, or family names. Some people want easy names (to say, to spell, whatever). Personally, we wanted a name that was not the same as everyone else, but was not strange. I looked at a 1908 census to get ideas for names, and our daughter ended up being named Penny.

    And just watch - you might have your name picked and when you see Taddy it might change to something else completely!

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