Thank You For Voting For Me!

9:05 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Pregnancy Corner "FaveDad2Be" blog award category.  I had a ton you pulling for me but we fell just short.  Thanks to all of you, we made it a super close race and we finished in second place! Congratulations to the winner Anthony and to Kenny for a fun competition.  They both have excellent blogs ( Based on her laughter, I kind of suspect that my wife actually prefers Kenny's blog humour to mine) and they have some excellent posts.  Well Done!

 I was shocked when I received word that some of you ( particularly BloggerMommies and GrudgeMom)  had initially nominated me for this award.  I was even more shocked when I made final three.  I had only started this blog less than a month ago, so I was definitely behind in site recognition.  However, each day seemed to bring more and more visitors and even more hilarious comments.  I have stated many times that I have the best commentators and I look forward to seeing what you have to say about my daily hacks. 

 I appreciate everyone that tweeted, Re-Tweeted, Face-booked my site and spread the word for me.  I was shocked to find that one night, upwards of thirty different people had been using their own networks of friends ( and in two languages no less) to try to pull some votes my way.  I am amazed by the power of social media and its rapid effect on communication.   I was really humbled and thankful for this experience.  While I may not have deserved to win, I realized that I truly have the best readers and social media friends in  all of the inter-webs!   I hope I can return the favor to you one day.

 I look forward to posting more things that make me laugh and I hope you all get the odd chuckle also!  If you keep reading...I'll keep writing!

Thanks again! 


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  1. Rob said...

    Congrats on second place. I was pulling for you to win

  2. Tammi said...

    Congrats on second place, you have an excellent blog and great sense of humour. Looking forward to more posts and hearing the announcement on baby
    {on my birthday hopefully!}


  3. Unknown Mami said...

    Congratulations on second place and all the love you are getting!

  4. Shandal said...

    Ah shucks, well you're still the winner to me!

  5. clairelancaster said...

    Congrats thats great well done!

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