Parenting Class Adventures: Placenta Encapsulation

11:24 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Note: Friends, I know that it is the Christmas Season and I  hate to disappoint you, but this is NOT a giveaway of some woman's Encapsulated Placenta. While this placenta "gift pack" picture on the left is appealing, I am all good if anyone wanted to get me a last minute gift.

 Just when I thought I heard it all!

 A few weeks ago, our baby class instructor discussed the benefits of something called "Moxibustion", which is the burning of incense near the mom's baby toes as a method of turning a breech baby around.  (I have the post and video here if you are interested.) While I kind of laughed about it, this next topic really takes the cake!

 Apparently, you can hire someone in your area to take your placenta home with them where they will cook it in their oven and make tasty pills for you to take after the baby is born.  I am not making this up...stay with me here!  I guess some people believe that the placenta, after it is seasoned and cooked on the BBQ can do wonders for Postpartum Depression.  While there is nothing funny about PPD, I think the thought of burnt placenta pills is enough to turn this Albertan into a bona-fide vegetarian.

 What's that?  You don't have anyone in your area that specializes in the cremation of placentas?  Well, will be pleased to know that you can order your own DO-IT-YOURSELF kit here.  I wish I was making this up.  I would love to get the instructions to post on here as a holiday treat! 

Man, these "baby classes" just keep on getting stranger and stranger.

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  1. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Wow, that is a new low to those baby classes! I think the classes have gotten a tad bit bizzare since we took them 4 years ago! We are dinfintely paying that "superboard" way too much $$ to teach you that kinda stuff.

  2. Shandal said...

    Holy Hell that is the craziest thing I've ever heard off! Are you sure you didn't sign up for "Not your average parenting class"? We didn't talk about stuff like this in our "normal parenting class". LOL

  3. Menopausal New Mom said...

    Okay, I'm drawing the line here. That is disgusting!

  4. Working Mommy said...

    Um...WOW...Yeah, I think that would have turned me into a vegetarian too!! YIKERS!


  5. Sarah said...

    OMG! And you aren't kidding. That's the most disgusting thing I've heard in a while. I had a c-section and I'm glad I never had to see/feel/get close to my placenta.

  6. MamaOyster said...

    Hello CalgaryDaddy,

    Placenta Encapsulation is no joke. I work as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in MA and was trained by Jodi Selander, the woman who runs the site you have linked to (PBi). So let me get this straight--you and your cheering squad here would eat the flesh of an animal you've never met --steak? grilled liver and onions? giblet gravy at thanksgiving?--but to think that a woman might take tasteless pills made of her own placenta--biocompatible medicine that her body has made exclusively for her better postpartum recovery so that she can be the best mom she can possibly be--is so revolting that you are ready to turn vegetarian?!?!
    Well I made my placenta into pills and let me tell you how grateful I was/am that I had that medicine available after losing half of my blood supply--I still had tons of milk to feed my baby and the energy to move myself to pee in a bucket instead of in the bed on a chux pad (try it! it's not easy and also kind of degrading)--oh, btw my baby was born at home. You all are probably the same people who would condemn a mother who neglects her baby in some way or (god forbid) progresses so far into PP psychosis that she actually harms her baby and/or herself.
    What I'm reading here seems to be knee-jerk reaction to something unusual--however an ancient practice across cultures and also something all but two mammals do--rather than a genuine, educated "Well, I wouldn't choose do it myself, but I can see the validity in it". My goal here, is to open your eyes and mind to something that exists for the betterment of all of us--because how we begin life makes all the difference, and you know what they say--"If Mom ain't happy, no one's happy!".
    Oh, and we don't take it home, and it's not burnt and there's no BBQ sauce. We prepare the placenta with the utmost respect and treat it as the sacred medicine that it is. I think I can speak for all of us when I say it is a privilege to handle something so powerful.
    Happy Holidays and Congratulations on your baby-to-be!

    MA PES/Mentor

  7. Angie L., Doula said...

    Hi - I'm new to this blog but couldn't help NOT commenting. I'm a Chef's Wife, Mama of 2 (not including the Surrogacy) and ... a DOULA. After I had my first born, the nurse literally shoved a stainless steel bowl in my face. I was nauseous because of the hospital policy to starve their laboring women. No, this is not a story about how I ate my placenta raw. (Ew.) When I realized that the bloody, gooey mess in the bowl was my BODY I nearly threw up. I was so grossed out and offended that this wench of a nurse had the audacity to bring my placenta within inches of my face.

    So, by the time I gave birth to my daughter, now 15 months old, my entire "birth plan" as suggested by Childbirth Educators, Doulas and hospital staff alike, was to AVOID THE PLACENTA. I was so disgusted by it the first time around, I wanted to make sure it stayed as far away from sight as possible.

    Within the first few days of coming home with brand new baby, the "baby blues" hit. Then it got worse. Before I knew it, I was in a full-on state of Postpartum Depression.

    After experiencing that (I'm better now, thank you) lemme tell ya - I would do nearly ANYTHING to avoid that happening again. Yes, even "cremate" and consume my own placenta. Now, if some hippy told me I had to gnaw on it like beef jerky... eh, I'd probably opt for the Prozac instead.

    Now, as a doula, I offer this service (the encapsulation, NOT the jerky - EW!) just in case a client should request this service.

    So, there's a little (or a lot) of input from someone else in the birth profession, a modern, been-there-done-that, Republican DOULA. I don't wear long, wrinkly skirts or socks with birkenstocks. I'm not a vegetarian or only consume organic products. I don't ONLY provide support to women laboring crouched in dark corners of alley ways (or where ever), un-medicated and all that. I don't chant or claim to remove bad energies from rooms.

    - Angie

    P.s. SOME Placenta Encapsulators DO take the placenta home to prepare it there.

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