Parenting Class Adventures: Part 2. Hippyville!

6:08 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

We had our third prenatal class last night and thankfully Becky was able to join me this time! Class went pretty quick, the snack was tasty and well, the info was pretty much stuff we already knew. ( Damn you "books" and "internet"...) That said, we had a little chuckle from some of the "New Age" talk by our instructor!
 Becky and I are pretty "meat and potatoes" western medical science kind of people and some funny moments occurred during the instruction.  As I am a pretty big fan of this thing called the scientific method, I am not much of a fan of eastern medicine, but to each their own. During a discussion about breech positioning, the teacher had mentioned that as a way to move the baby, some people get a treatment known as Moxibustion on their baby toes.  It involves the burning of incense on the 5th toe of the pregnant mother, and while they are not sure why it works, it apparently does.  Now we are pretty practical people (and of relatively sound mind) and my first thought was..."sure thing, have another toke hippy" ( I didn't say I had an OPEN mind...) but I looked this up on the interweb and was shocked to find the following website! Who knew? 

 We also explored some relaxation methods through medidation and soft music, complete with the instructor reading from a well written script.  I said to Becky, " Lets pretend that we are interested in this kind of thing!" and we laughed. At least she got 7.5 minutes of massage time out of it!   Some classic lines from the relaxation script included " observe your breath without judgement"... and it really reminded me of a the beginning of hypnosis show? I love these relaxation CD's, especially the ones that sound like you are on the ocean or high in the mountain forest.  Where can I get one for my car?

 Anyways, I think that maybe I need to open my mind up a little bit to some other ideas? Have you had any experiences with this?


P.S... As many of you know, I made the final three in the Favorite Daddy 2 Be Category and I need your vote!  Please click the link on my main page or follow the link here to vote!  

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  1. Menopausal New Mom said...

    Hi, just cast my vote for you! Good Luck! Yes, that class sounds entertaining at least, not sure about that incense on the toe but who are we to argue with success Lol!!

  2. Lauralee Moss said...

    Oh yeah! My husband and I were a tad bit the outsiders in our parenting class as well. We were surrounded by people who were going for everything natural, which is completely perfect if you're not me. Reading this post made me laugh because we were the same way.

  3. alybean said...

    I wouldn't knock all the 'hippy talk' and rely too much on science.Good luck with the chart thing

  4. alybean said...

    No offence taken.If I had left 'science' to birthing of my kids I would of stopped at 1.At 4" 10, scoliosis and size 4 I was told I wouldn't give birth naturally.I have done so 3 times, just gas and air.First was in a bed, 2nd a water birth (best birth) and finally a natural breech (they didn't realise and had thought I may have pre-eclampsia).The main thing your wife should be concentrating is her breathing and not fight the pain.I have to admit because I was supposed to have a C-section we didn't go to any birthing classes.I din't bother the following 2 either, but I did go to the breastfeeding classes.Take a note book with as calgarymummy won't remember stuff when it comes to labour.I genuinely hope it goes well for you all.Good luck!

  5. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Oh boy, I think I would have cracked up listening to that! Someone once told me...there is no special place in heaven for women who give birth "naturally". AMEN. Drugs are GOOD!

    Remind me to stay off the road when you're listening to that CD while driving!

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