Friday Fun: I Miss My Drinking Buddy!

8:45 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

( Note: The lyrics to this song are sooo true! It is a new song, no "video" yet, but have a listen and laugh!)

TGIF?  Not so much anymore, lol! 

  In the old days ( before April...when Taddy was conceived) my wife used to really look forward to Friday's, as she could come home and relax with a couple of beers or a bottle or two of wine! ( Ok, I am kidding about the wine.) But since Becky became pregnant, this has all been taken away from her.  Not that she was a big drinker, but most of our friends will testify that Becky likes to have the odd social drink when we get together with our friends! 

 Becky has been joking that she "cannot wait until she can have that first beer", but then remembered that she cannot drink while breastfeeding!  Some people have been counselling her on something called the "Pump and Dump" which I find hilarious.  She thinks its probably too much work but I bet she is researching it on Google.  She is a real trooper, I tell you!

 Mom's, what was your experience with this?  How soon after baby's arrival did you get to have a celebratory drink?  Will she even want one?  Will she even care?  Let me know your thoughts!



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  1. Jodi said...

    With Lucas it was around 6 months when I but him on formula. With Alyssa a month after because she won't breast feed so I was pumping her food and giving it to her in a bottle. I found with Alyssa she wasn't drinking everything I was pumping so I would freeze what we wouldn't use so when I wanted a drink I could have enough food so I wouldn't have to pump and wait the max hours before I could pump again so I wasn't throwing out good milk .

  2. Shannon said...

    I still drink while nursing. I read somewhere that if you are okay to drive, you are okay to nurse. I do the pump and dump method if I've had too much, and I have a frozen stash in the freezer to give a bottle if I have too. The parenting while hungover thing isn't that much fun, so I don't over-indulge too often! is a great nursing resource. It's pretty scientific, and I'm not sure anyone really knows!

  3. Mama B said...

    I drank while nursing and have two normal kids :-) The trick is to have it right when your finished, when it will be at least 2 hours before the baby eats again. I actually had a lactation consult tell me to have a drink while nursing because it would relax me and it's not like it instantly goes from mouth to boob!

  4. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

    I think you're alright to have one drink while nursing. I rarely drink myself so I'm pretty sure I didn't have any alcohol until my kids were over 6 months and then it was only one. I didn't pump and dump - but again it was only one drink - and I didn't notice any ill effects on the kids.

  5. Courtney said...

    I think I waited a week with both of my girls. I had a really hard time breatfeeding though so I didn't do it for long. I did take a class though and they said that if you can feel the effects of the alcohol then the baby can feel the effects. FYI!

  6. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    Okay, I admit, I drank while nursing! Literally! If a beer puts me to sleep imagine what it does for a baby???!!!

  7. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Wow...some varied ( and FUNNY!) resposes. Thanks!

  8. Menopausal New Mom said...

    Hi Shane, hope those votes pour in for you, I've already voted. About the breast feeding, I don't recall how long before I starting drinking again, I know after waiting through the entire pregnancy, it couldn't roll around fast enough!

  9. Chris | Dads Advice said...

    Some people swear that beer can help increase a mother's milk supply... The wife and I have started a routine of splitting a beer or two every few nights.

    Everything in moderation my friend!

  10. Sarah said...

    I drank while breastfeeding - my ob/gyn said it was fine. Just tell her to try and wait a bit before she feeds again. Like some other said - have a couple of drinks at the tail end of a feeding. By the time the next feeding comes around she'll be fine!

  11. Sarah said...

    And PS - I did want a drink after my little one was born! Haha

  12. Shandal said...

    I waited for about a week with both pregnancies. I was having the worst time of my life trying to breast feed my 1st. Like I would cry when he woke up b/c I didn't want him to gnaw on my nips anymore. It was like I was constantly either nursing or pumping. I had no time to myself to just relax. I gave it 2 weeks before I quit. I just couldn't handle it. I think that explains why I had to have a drink. Then I didn't even try with my 2nd.

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