You have to love the most common pregnancy questions!

6:04 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  You have to love the most common questions received by expecting couples!  I wish we could get on the Family Feud game show and have this as the topic!  We would get the top ten easily!  Rather than go through them all, I thought I would look at some of the most common ones I hear...

 Do you know if it is a Boy or a Girl?   Everyone wants to know and everyone has a guess!  I love the methodology used by some of our friends. ( eg. You are carrying such and such, so it must be a ____ )  While obviously fun, It amazes me how these "old wives" tales make their way through the generations.  We want the sex to be a surprise, so ask all you want.....there is no answer coming from me, lol! 

 On this blog, I will often use "he and she" intermittently when talking about "taddy".  We are not 100% sure about the sex,  but I encourage any and all guesses! 

 Did you guys plan for this pregnancy?   Lol... I love this one.  I answer, ( and belief) is YES!  Becky's is a resounding ( and Quick) NO!  All of our family and friends were SHOCKED when we told them that we were expecting!  They almost all said "I thought you two were not having any kids together"?....  After a few years together, Becky finally had me convinced that we were not going to have any children together and convinced me that the D.I.N.K. lifestyle of travelling, extra cash and sleep was the way to go!

   I am not sure exactly what changed, but just before we conceived, Becky started talking about having kids.  Over the past few years, almost all of our friends were having babies ( or second kids) and we were almost the only "non-parents" left in our circle of friends.  Something must have clicked in her, but I sure am glad.  Some people say the pregnancy is an "oops", but I call it a "Future Prime Minister/Ex-Baby Model in waiting" miracle.  Plus, I was drinking that night, but I am sure that I saw 3 wise men and the north star in the field across from my home! Miracle, Fate...either works for me!

 OMG, are you excited?  

  Of course!  Duh....!

While these questions are pretty common, I am sure people get some real "doozies"...feel free to share!

Shane ( aka Taddy's Daddy) 

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  1. Sarah Chang said...

    These questions are so completely true! Some of the things people ask are so strange. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  2. sherry said...

    I think its a boy!

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