Wow! Fav Dad2Be Blog Award Nomination

8:21 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

I was really surprised this morning to see that a few well respected Mom Bloggers ( thank you sooooo much to all of you) including  Bloggermommies, Grudgemom; Mybloggymind and NannyAnna, were kind enough to nominate me for  "FaveDad2Be" blogger awards! 

 While I am not sure I am worthy yet, I am really amazed by your kindness!  I will make sure that I keep the good posts coming over the next few months! 

To vote/nominate, follow the link here!  I would really appreciate your help!


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  1. Madison {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

    Congrats on the award! Those are always fun.

  2. alybean said...

    I just voted for you.You got some great competition.Good luck!

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