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  Welcome to my new blog!  After almost a year of political blogging, I still find this medium facsinating.  As a soon to be new daddy, I thought I would try my hand at a parenting blog.  I hope to keep this blog as lighthearted and fun as possible and look forward to comments/suggestions from everyone.

Please feel free to email me at albertadad@gmail.com or post your comments/suggestions! 

 Here's to the first of many, many posts! ( Hopefully!)


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  1. Then There Were Three said...

    Hello! Just thought I'd pop over to say hi ... feel quite honored. I'm your first follower and first commenter... that means I have popped this blogs cherry!

    Look forward to reading your posts.

    Oooh and congratulations to you and your lady xx

  2. clairelancaster said...

    Congratulations on and good luck with the new blog and the new arrival - stock up on sleep! Looking forward to reading about your adventure into parenting!
    Best wishes

  3. Guy Davis said...

    Congrats. Always good to see another Calgary dad. You might find a site I built useful: http://www.babynamemap.com Handy for finding the popularity of names you're interested in, comparing spellings, etc.

  4. Anthony C said...

    hey man, keep the blog going. I did the same when I found out I was having my son. It's a good way to get stuff off your chest and to keep friends and family up to date on the pregnancy.

    good luck

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