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You have to love Costco.  Not so much the store, with its long lineups and $50 membership fees ( although I do get my money back through all of their free samples!) but I must say that Costco Online is another story!  I was amazed at how much baby stuff they carry online as opposed to in the physical store.  Here is some of the stuff we bought from them over the past week....

 This is the rocking chair that will go in Taddy's room.  We were looking around for a while for one of these, but Costco had the best deal. My wife loves the fact that it comes with that extra side table.  Pretty cool.

 This chair will get a lot of "cheek" time, so it is worth buying something comfortable.  I cant wait to sit in this chair and feed Taddy!

   Graco Video Monitor: 

   This monitor is the coolest thing ever.  We were looking at some standard monitors at the usual places, but came across this one at Costco as well.  It was almost $100 less than the price listed at, so we knew it was a good deal.  I have not used it yet, but it has a super long range and a colour monitor.   I can imagine that this screen will have our attention for a long, long time after Taddy is born.

 The technology of these monitors seem to have come a long way!

The pic below was not from Costco, but rather an impulse buy on my part. ( I guess there will be many of those types of purchases to come!)   I could not resist these creatures, as they were just too darn cute.  My poor dog Copper still thinks that they are for him, so I had to hide them! 

  Is it normal to get excited about the stuff you have bought, but not used?


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  1. Shandal said...

    Sure it's normal to be excited! Especially if you scored a great deal on it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. SnafflesMummy said...

    i remember playing walkie talkies all round the house and in the garden when we bought the baby monitor. Its very exciting.

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