Pregnancy Sleep...will she get any?

8:31 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Oh my poor, poor wife!  With about six weeks left until "Taddy's" arrival, I have noticed that my wife is unable to get any sleep!  And anyone who knows what my wife is like when she is tired ( sorry Neeta, I had to throw that in!) understands that this just is not a good thing.  She has been going to bed earlier and earlier each night over the past few weeks, only to wake up every two or three hours and then finds herself unable to fall back asleep.  Usually, this leads to me being woken up by her constant "sighing", which usually means that she needs me to turn the Ipod radio shows on. ( You know, the old radio shows from the 1940's...before good old TV.)  This usually does the trick....for another two hours or so! 

  We know that once Taddy arrives, sleep will be at a premium.  Perhaps this is natures way of preparing parents for the lack of future sleep?  I really wish that I had a magic solution that could help her stay asleep all night long?

Any suggestions? ( And no, a glass or three of wine is will not work!)


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  1. Shannon said...

    I believe it's nature's way of preparing her for even way less sleep when the baby comes!

  2. Jodi said...

    I agree with Shannon it is a way for parents to be to prepare with having to get up every two hours once the baby is here. One thing that help me was body pillows

  3. Rebecca said...

    I think the best advice I can give you is that when she does want to sleep let her. If it is at 8 in the morning - let her. if it is at 1 in the afternoon - let her. She is probably incredibly uncomfortable right now - and she may not even complain about it but let me tell ya, at that stage you feel that baby in everything you do and maneuvering the belly for a good rest is so difficult.

    Do you guys have a body pillow? I had to use that with my first pregnancy. I just couldn't sleep at all unless I was at an angle on the body pillow.

    And hey, if the iPod radio works I say use it - even for a two hour stretch it is better than nothing.

    Another thought.. and you will definitely have to ask your doctor first about this - Tylenol PM. At the end stage of my pregnancy my doc gave me the thumbs up to take this a couple times a week. Each case is different and each doctor is different so check first!!

  4. Erica Ehm said...

    I agree. Natures way of getting the 2 of you used to no sleep. When she's tossing in turning, grab your laptop, click onto so you can both get used to being part of the club.We're open 24/7.

  5. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

    I'm sorry to say that when I was at her stage I barely slept either. I was so tired all the time that I ended up taking long afternoon naps everyday (I was on medical leave). Instead of using a body pillow I used about 10 pillows (not an exaggeration) that I piled around me. I changed the configuration throughout the night. And your wife may not appreciate this but my husband wore earplugs every night when I was at this stage. He couldn't take me moaning and sighing. I let him use them...but only until the baby was born and then he had to take them out!

  6. Arizona Mamma said...

    You have gotten comments about body pillows already, but really that was what helped me. I used a pregnancy pillow in the shape of a big U. I didn't have it the first time around, only the second and it made a big difference. Good luck. By the way, when the baby comes, I know it seems impossible, but it is a different kind of tired that you experience.

  7. Shandal said...

    I layed on my side and had just a standard pillow between my legs. Ugh... I don't miss those nights in my 3rd trimester... It sucks. Really. Really sucks.

  8. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Thank you to everyone! I really appreciate the tips!


  9. Lynda Sager(Byciuk) said...

    Yup no sleep in the 3rd trimester but I do suggest the body pillow or the pillow between your legs as others have suggested. My husband was actually jealous of that body pillow, he used to punch it all the time!LOL!

    I actually also found sleeping almost upright in an arm chair MORE comfortable than a bed sometimes. All I can say is that she should be thankful she's very pregnant in the cooler weather, being pregnant in the hot summer is even worse because of the heat. Good luck!!

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