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  Becky and I started the Parenting/Prenatal Classes offered by the Calgary Health Region last week.  It runs 2 hours once a week for 10 classes, which seems like a bit of overkill.  I have taken University classes that almost run that long, but unlike most courses, the stuff you learn in baby class may actually be practical.  ( I still cant remember how to do shift the "supply side" curve on an Economics chart.)  After attending two classes now, I thought I would share some random thoughts...

  •  I was actually surprised that Becky and I were actually on the "young" side when compared to the other parents.  Maybe we just look young ( or because we are just sooo darn good looking?) but I was shocked that the average age of the parents appears to be a few years older than us.  I guess people really are having children later in life now.

  • The Class should actually be called "What to Expect When You Are Expecting...Live!"  I guess we have read up a fair bit, but it seems that a lot of the material covered is common knowledge to me. 

  • LIKES:  Snack-time! Each parent has to sign up and bring a tasty snack for the break. Yummy!    Nutritional and fun.  It reminds me of grade 1! ( Ohhh..the Bananna Bread was good!)
  •  DISLIKES:  Parking.  $7 to park for two hours.  (No wonder our health care is free.) Oh...and the $200 course fee seems like a real deal to me? 

  • I love watching the reactions of the Dad's ( and some of the moms) when they show the birthing videos.  Thankfully, the hospital floor is sanitized daily, as a lot of our jaws hit the ground.  It is a little shocking seeing the video's, but I'll save that for another post.  Wow. 

  •  Attending alone.  Yes, my wife is a teacher and had Parent Teacher Interviews last night and could not attend.  Normally, this would be no big deal. Normally.  However, she missed the one where everyone rolls out the old Yoga mats and the teacher shows us the different birthing positions.  Try doing this alone.  I tried to get a last minute surrogate, but had no luck.  Sometimes its best to just watch and observe.  And take notes....lots of notes.

 I'll keep you posted after each class if anything interesting happens.

Has anyone taken these classes? What was your experience?

Oh...What the heck is Archie doing at a birthing class in the picture above?  Did reality finally come to Riverdale?

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  1. Shandal said...

    We went to a class like that before we had our 1st. Except ours were free and were held at the hospital in a conference room, so no parking fee either. ;) We noticed that we were the youngest in the class too. Weird!? I found the class pretty helpful and I would recommend it to other 1st time parents. There was one chic in our class that had her hubby (I assume, they had rings on) come with her for the 1st class then he never came back for the rest of the course. I know he wasn't just a friend b/c I did see them kiss. But he was slouched in his chair during that 1st meeting and rolled his eyes the entire time. He acted like it was just so awful to be there. What an ass!!! I felt really bad for her having to come to the classes all by herself after that. :(

  2. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Hi Shandal! Thanks for yor post! That is awful..what a clown that guy was. Can you imagine what he was like AFTER the baby came. Yikes!

  3. SnafflesMummy said...

    the vision of you practising birthing positions on your own has put a smile on my face!

    We only had 3 classes.

    One class still haunts me forever. Why on earth the midwife felt that drawing a 10am circle on the board in a room full of women only 4 weeks from giving birth was a good idea i dont know. She found alot of very white faces looking back at her.

  4. CalgaryDaddy said...

    OMG Snaffles, that is funny. They did have the 1cm to 10 cm diagram and I was trying to picture this also. Not sure if my face was white...but its a good chance.


  5. Then There Were Three said...

    We took classes, some sessions were fab (generally involved Mr massaginf me) and some were pretty poo BUT I meet every friday withj the ladies in my group and our babiesm and for that reason alone it's been worth it. there's 8 of us. 7 babies and one bump.

  6. Menopausal New Mom said...

    Hey Shane, I hear ya on the older parents now. I was 45 when my daughter was born and yes, I skipped the parenting classes offered in town. I figured I would be the oldest first-time mom on record and didn't really want that banner. Also, figured the less I knew about the birth the better. I was right! Sailed right through it, everything was a surprise or should I say shock! Wouldn't change a thing if nature had allowed me to go through it again! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for finding me and the follow, I'm following you now too :)

  7. 2 Toddlers and Me said...

    Our parenting classes sound similar. We did learn a few things and felt better prepared because we attended, but like you had learned most of it from the books. Impressive that you went alone, not many dads would do that. Good for you!

  8. Chris | CleverFather said...

    Hey there!

    I stumbled across your blog on Twitter and had to check out a fellow Albertan Dad blogger! I'm up in Red Deer.

    I recently became a dad only 3 months ago and it's been a blast!

    You should check mine out when you have the time. Looking forward to following your blog, great job!


  9. aneh81 said...

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  10. michael said...

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  11. 3LittleMonkeys said...

    We took the weekend class at the Rockyview. was so boring. And like anything really helps! During the birthing video I had to leave and get some air! Plus, could they update the more 80's please!!!!

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