Our Existing "Kids"... aka Fur Babies or Kattans and Pappans

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  While "Taddy" will be Becky and me's first child, we actually have some existing kids around the house!  We like to call them our "fur-babies" or our Kattans ( Cats) and Pappans ( Dogs).... ( INSERT COMMENT HERE..lol)   We often wonder if they understand that they have a "skin-sibling" on the way?

 In no particular order, here are our pets!

Copper... ( also known as "Ernie", Ernie T. Muppet, Moo-Moo's and Ernie-Face.)

  We got Copper in 2005 as a baby.  The bond between Becky and copper is just amazing and I am sometime envious of the attention he gets, especially his constant cuddles on the couch. ( Ha!)   He is a mutt..(Bichon/Shitzu Yorkie-Poo)

He is also the smartest animal in the house, and loves to lay his head on Becky's stomach, which he runs to and licks when we ask "Where is Mommy's Baby?"... Too Cute!  He is addicted to Squeaky balls and stuffed animals.  We are not sure if Taddy will ever be able to have a stuffed bear of his own, due to Copper's addictions.  A January intervention may be in order.

  Roo:   ( also known as Rudy, Roo-Dee McToots or simply MacToots.)

  We have had roo since 2003, when he was less than one year old. Roo is a 30lbs. ( Becky swears that he is only 14lbs and apparently, so does the Vet) ball of fur.  He is a cuddler, as long as it is on his terms.  He loves to drink water from the sink taps and bang his bowls if the food is not to his liking.  He is a real sweetheart and gentle with the Dogs, even when they bully him. 

 Pebbles:  ( also known as Pebs, Ms. P, Pebble-d-poo and Mee-Mee )

We got Pebs about a year and half ago when she was around six months old.  She is supposed to be a "yorkie", but we think she is mixed with something.  Apart from admiring her runway model good looks, her favorite thing to do is lick faces and make the cutest cuddling poses on your chest.  Her other hobbies include bossing Copper around, stealing everyone's toys, barking at the Dog Whisperer on TV and going for walks.  She is a real sweety. 

Kanga:  ( also known as Angel-Face)

  Kanga was our first pet together and we brought her home as a baby in 2003.  She was a constant purr-er and loved to give everyone, especially her mommy attention.  She loved to wake you up in the middle of the night by rubbing her face all over you.  Her favorite activities were hissing at Roo and Copper and chewing cables and wires!  Unfortunately, our baby Kanga made a mad dash out of the house one night during a Canada Day party and some other family has taken her in.  We searched ( Becky still checks online) for months for her.  We will her and know that some family is pretty lucky to have her. 

As you can see, we have a whole house full of animals to keep us entertained.  I often joke that the animals have it better at home than I do, but I could not imagine our lives without them and I am so thankful for the joy that they bring Becky and me.

 If Becky ever doubts that she will be a good Mom, I just remind her that if she loves Taddy just 1/100 as much as the animals, he/she will be the luckiest baby in the world. After seeing how much she cares for these animals, I know its true.

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  1. alybean said...

    Wow! What a lot of animals! Sooo cute too! You will certainly have your hands full come the new year.I hope they don't become jealous.

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