Next Step...The Nursery!

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  Wow, I cannot believe that there is just under 6 weeks until Taddy's arrival.  I had spent most of last weekend rearranging our home office to make room for the Nursery.  I had to move the old L-shaped desk into the basement and set up a new 160lbs Monster Corner desk that took forever. ( Note:  I am not handy at all, and the 41...yes 41 Steps were rather time consuming and often confusing!)  With this out of the way, we can now focus on getting the nursery done!  ( Exciting or what!!!)

First Step.... Colour!

We are kind of torn as to the colour we want to use.  The room now is a soft/light brown, which is ok...but dull.  Taddy's grandpa thought it would be nice if we changed the room colour.  His baby = new room!  We are looking at something neutral, and are kind of leaning towards the green colour ( not the theme though) in the Picture below:

This paint is called "Christopher Robin Swing" by Disney/Behr paints.  Our dear friend Jill had mentioned it to us and we had to check it out. 


We are still piecing together the furniture, but Taddy's grandma's have already purchased us the following sleep stuff!

 This is the Crib we have now.  It is still in the box, but ready for assembly once the room is painted.  We are looking for a matching dresser/change table, which should not be too hard to find. 

The colour should go nice with that green paint, if we go that route.

  Bassinet!  This will likely stay in our room as Taddy will sleep in this for the first little bit.  It is pretty cool unit and has music and lights etc. 

Taddy has the best Grandma's! 

Also, we will put the rocking chair that we just bought ( if it ever arrives!) from Costco Online in this room also. This chair looks super comfortable also

I must say that I am getting excited to work on this room this weekend! 

What are some other popular neutral colours?  Any ideas are welcomed! 


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  1. Kaitlin said...

    That green is a pretty shade! And I love the rocking chair you picked out! Decorating a baby room would be so much fun! :)

  2. The Mommyologist said...

    Cute! I remember how much fun we had decorating our nursery. Enjoy this special time!

  3. Arizona Mamma said...

    Green is great. Actually our daughter's was a tan, then we moved. When we did, we painted her room green, and well as my son's green. My son wasn't born yet! The color goes well with so much. When the room is done, you will have to post a pic!

  4. Jodi said...

    I love the color you picked out and the furniture is really nice. Enjoy the time decorating as it one of the many fun things to come with a new baby.

  5. 2 Toddlers and Me said...

    That green looks wonderful and the furniture is adorable and so nice. I would love to see a picture when the room is done too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog awhile back. I like your blog, am now following and looking forward to reading more.

  6. Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

    I would browse the Ohdeedoh website for ideas. They have some amazing nurseries on there!

  7. Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

    Oh! And here's how we did our babies room (we weren't 100% sure she was a girl so we wanted a neutral room). I'm not completely happy with the way the green looked once it was up on the walls. But it's not bad, especially for very little budget in a rental.

  8. Lynda Sager(Byciuk) said...

    Our whole house is that green color, it's very soothing, I love it. I love tan or an aqua blue or a chocolate brown as accent colors, very trendy.

  9. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Thanks Everyone! I love the tips and ideas...

    I will post some pics as soon as we get it done!


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